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Class Presenters

Larry Easto

Best-Selling Author/Marketing Coach


Larry has spent his entire career delivering professional services. He has served clients as a lawyer, consultant, writer, educator and marketing coach.

Along with providing these services, he has helped clients learn what they needed to know in order to move from where they were to where they wanted to be.

As well as coordinating and producing the Authentic Marketing classes, Larry will present several classes.  These classes will serve as the framework upon which the essential elements of Authentic Marketing are based.

To learn more about Larry, check out his LinkedIn profile.

Dan LeFave

Business Coach

Business coach Dan LeFave will help you learn to live your life without limitations.Dan has taught profitable entrepreneurs from around the world how to systematize and automate their businesses that gave them the freedom to enjoy even better health that they want, the family life they wanted and the lifestyle choices they wanted.

He has a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective of the strategic planning, processes, systems and business automatons required to grow and scale sustainable self-managing businesses.

Dan has discovered the subtle nuances that make a BIG difference in the success of a business that profits year-over-year versus those that struggle, stall and remain small.

In his class, Live Without Limitations, he will share some of these subtle, but powerful nuances that will help enhance your life.

To learn more about Dan, check out his Website.