If you don’t want to stand out from the competition, you probably won’t want this book.

If, however, you want to distinguish yourself and attract more ideal clients, this book can help you generate more of the new business that you want and deserve.

Your Personal Brand Strategy

Sure, you are unique … no one serves and satisfies clients that way you do.

But do potentially ideal clients that?

For strangers outside of your market influence, you and your services are indistinguishable from your competitors—good, bad and indifferent.

How much more new business could you generate if you and your services were distinctive, standing out in a crowded noisy marketplace?

How much will that first piece of new business be worth…$100 … $200 …or more? 

Save Money

Not only will this short 11-page eBook help you make more money, it will also help you save money.

Instead of hiring a marketing coach, consultant or mentor to help you figure out your personal brand and professional services brand strategy, you can do it yourself.

Wouldn’t you rather pay $3.99 to develop your personal brand than to pay hundreds if not thousands, of dollars to someone else to do something you are perfectly capable of doing yourself?

Save Time

Speaking of saving, this eBook will also help you save time.

You probably have better things to do with your time than research personal branding…or in meetings with an outside expert.

The research has been done for you. 

After a 5-minutes read, you will have a sense of how you can develop your personal brand.

Instead of researching or being tied up in meetings, your time will be better spent developing your person brand and implementing your professional services brand strategy.

Reduce Stress

Running your own service business can be very stressful.

And being ignored in the marketplace only adds to the stress load.

Instead of the anxiety of remaining invisible to potentially ideal clients, why not distinguish yourself from the competition and showcase your authentic self?

A good personal brand and professional brand strategy will help you attract more of the ideal clients that you want and deserve. 

Not only will a flow of new clients generate lots more business, it will dramatically reduce the stress of running your own business.

Increased Confidence & Satisfaction

Regardless of where you are in the life of you have probably experienced the confidence and satisfaction that associated with meeting and overcoming problems or challenges.

Once you start to apply what you will learn from this you can overcome those no-new business issues … and again … and again.

How much more can you enjoy life and your business once you have put those problematic marketing issues behind you and become the amazing professional that you really are?

It’s Your Turn

Isn’t it time you got more of the new business that you want and deserve?

With the help of this guide, you can generate this new business as easily and effectively as you serve and satisfy clients.

This eBook is now available on Amazon.

It’s also available online as web content.

Insider’s secret: The content from this book is also included in The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Professional Services.

If you want more ideal clients and repeat business and a whole lot more value…check it out.