If you don’t want more new business for your service business, you probably won’t want this book.

If however, you want more ideal clients and repeat business, this book can help you generate more of the new business that you want and deserve

26 Ways For Service Professionals To Get More Clients—From A To Z

Regardless of your marketing know-how and experience, you will probably find at least one new way to get more clients from this list of 26 suggestions.

And in the unlikely event that you don’t discover new opportunities to attract more clients, you will certainly find new ways of generating repeat business from existing clients.

All things considered, this first of three parts of the guide, can help you generate at least one new piece of new business.  How much will that new business be worth…$100 … $200 …or more? 

But that’s just the revenue from the first new client engagement.  What about the repeat and referral business that this new client generates?

The guide provides tools that will help professionals like you generate more new business. 

How much more money you will earn from applying these tools is entirely up to you.

In addition to this content being Part One of the eBook version of the guide, it is also available online.

The Ultimate Guide To Your Professional Services Brand Strategy

This part of the guide addresses the greatest marketing challenge for all service professionals: lack of differentiation.

Sure, you are unique … no one serves and satisfies clients that way you do.

But do potentially ideal clients that?

For strangers outside of your market influence, you and your services are indistinguishable from your competitors—good, bad and indifferent.

How much more new business could you generate if you and your services were distinctive, standing out in a crowded noisy marketplace?

And how much better will you feel to be recognized as the expert you are, instead of being judged by the conduct of others?

That’s what this part of the guide will help you achieve.

In addition to this content being Part Two of the eBook version of the guide, it is also available online.

Connect Your Strengths With Authentic Marketing For Even Better Results

From the perspective of growth and development, no one would keep their cash surplus under a mattress.

As an assets, a cash surplus is a resource that can be leveraged or applied to help generate better results.

Similarly, ignored or otherwise hidden strengths can be leveraged to help generate better results.

In this part, the guide will help you identify your strengths and apply them to address weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 

Using Authentic Marketing as a model, you can conduct your own SWOT analysis to improve not only your marketing, but other essential business functions.

By undertaking these analyses yourself, not only will you save time and money, you can reduce some of the stress associated with marketing your services as well as running your business.

In addition to this content being Part Three of the eBook version of the guide, it is also available online.

It’s Your Turn

Haven’t you struggled with marketing long enough?

Isn’t it time you got more of the new business that you want and deserve?

With the help of this guide, you can generate this new business as easily and effectively as you serve and satisfy clients.

…and how great will that feel?

Buy it now and start to make some amazing things happen.