If your marketing is functioning at its optimal best, you probably won’t want this book.

If however, you would like better results from your marketing, this book can help you … regardless of your experience …  generate more new business.

From Building The Foundation To Tweaking The Process

If you are new to marketing professional or personal services, this eBook will help you build a sound foundation for your ongoing and future success.

If, however, after several years of running your own service business, you are not satisfied with your flow of new business, the book will help you reboot your marketing. 

You can replace ineffective marketing practices with the best strategies to generate the new business that you want and deserve.

And if you are a veteran of many marketing campaigns, the book can help you make good things even better … with just a bit of tweaking.

4 Cornerstones

In this short 11-page eBook you will learn about the four cornerstones of marketing services.

Your Service

This is all about the value of the benefits that you deliver to your clients. 

What service or services do you provide?

How does your service or services benefit clients?

Your Ideal Clients

These clients are the people whose needs and wants match the service you deliver. 

They are also those people whom you love to serve and are really good at satisfying.

Your Personal Brand

This is the unique combination of your own best stuff, how you help clients and your promise of the benefits that clients can expect from your help.

Your Marketing Strategies

For service providers, the best marketing strategies are all about connecting and maintaining sound relationships with ideal clients. 

These strategies are based upon showcasing your true, authentic self in order attract new clients and generate more new business.

More New Business

How much more new business could you generate if you were at your best most of the time instead of just some of the time?

And what about those missed opportunities that you didn’t know about … or didn’t think you could pursue?

How much will that first piece of new business from leveraging and maximizing your best stuff be worth…$100 … $200 …or more? 

Save Money

Not only will this help you make more money, it will also help you save money.

Instead of hiring a coach, consultant or mentor to help you improve your marketing, you can do it yourself.

Wouldn’t you rather pay $3.99 for this book than pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to someone else to do something you are perfectly capable of doing yourself?

Reduce Stress

Running a service business can be incredibly stressful.

The most significant non-financial benefit of this eBook is the reduction in stress you will enjoy from preventing or otherwise eliminating marketing challenges and issues.

In buying the eBook, all you have to lose is the stress and anxiety of ongoing problematic flaws and shortcomings.

It’s Your Turn

Isn’t it time you got more of the new business that you want and deserve?

With the help of this book, you can generate this new business as easily and effectively as you serve and satisfy clients.

…and how great will that feel?

Buy it now and start to make some amazing things happen.

This eBook is now available … only on Amazon.