attract ideal clients
Your Ideal Client

Ideal clients are those people we love to serve and are good at satisfying.

However, when most service-providers want new business, they tend to chase after any clients who appear willing to pay the bill.

Instead of searching for new clients — attract the best, the clients who are ideal for you.

Stop Searching for New Clients

Not surprisingly, looking for new clients is also called prospecting.

This approach is modeled on prospectors searching for precious metals such as gold.

Certainly, the search part of the process is like looking for new clients for our services. And yes, an element of our marketing includes looking for signs that we are close to finding what we seek — potentially new clients. But that’s where service-providers marketing their services part company with the prospector looking for precious metals.

Prospectors seek inanimate things like seams of gold or nuggets that they themselves need and want for commercial purposes. Once the gold has been extracted and processed, it is sold as the commodity it is.

Among other things, marketing services is about identifying individuals and organizations who want or need the kind of help we offer. Our work involves interacting with people, not processing physical things. 

Unlike prospectors, we cannot physically extract potential clients from their surroundings and then apply appropriate procedures to generate the outcomes that we want.

Also, unlike prospectors we can engage potential clients, helping them understand the benefits that they will receive from our services. 

The ideal outcome of this engagement is a relationship with people that leads to their voluntarily choosing us to help them with whatever problems or issues they face. Hopefully, this relationship will be ongoing, with potential clients making the transition to actual clients and from there to satisfied clients.

Regardless of the fee revenue they generate, satisfied clients represent a permanent, renewable asset capable of continuously producing new revenue through repeat and referral business.

It is this ability to engage potential clients that limits the relevance of prospecting for leads to marketing services.

As service-providers, when we want more new business, we need more effective marketing strategies than those used to prospect for precious metals.

The best strategy for marketing services engages potential clients…not treat them as inanimate elements to be processed for sale.

Start Attracting Ideal Clients

Successfully marketing and delivering services involves making many decisions about a wide range of issues. Deciding the kinds of clients that you would like to serve is one such issue.

Since it’s your choice as to which kinds of clients that you want to serve, why not choose to serve good clients? In fact, why not take this choice one step further and choose to serve ideal clients?

Think of ideal clients as good clients with friend benefits. Relationships with these clients also include the joy of interacting with like-minded people who share common values and interests.

When serving ideal clients, not only will you love what you are doing, you will get even better at doing it. And besides, life is too short to settle for anything less than the best.

Isn’t it time that you started to attract more ideal clients?

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