In a previous post, I introduced the 4 best business growth strategies for service professionals.

Yesterday’s post was about personal success.

Today’s post will combine these ideas to address the why and how much of growing your business.

Unless you are fortunate enough to be financially independent, the business income will support the achievement of personal goals.

That’s the why of business growth

Growth goals clarify our vision of success in business.

These goals are based on where we want our businesses to be.

And for the best results, the best goals are achievable and realistic.

Comparable to the four environments for personal success, here are the four cornerstones for successfully growing your business.

Business Relationships: The most successful service businesses are based upon developing and maintaining successful interpersonal relationships.

Typically, these relationships are with current and past clients, network contacts, suppliers, and virtually anyone else who can and does make contribute to the achievement of our business goals.

Supporting Resources: These tangible and intangible resources support us in attracting and serving our clients as well as growth.

Included in these resources are things like office or workspace, furniture, equipment, technology both online and offline.

The Market: Who are the ideal clients for the service that you provide?

What value do you bring to the market and what do you stand for?

How does that value distinguish you from the competition?

Financial Considerations: This is the financial element of business growth.

In this element, you will clarify the nature and pricing of the services that you provide as well as set financial goals and projections.

Growth Plan

As was the case with personal success, free up the time clarify growth goals as much as you possibly can.

Quantify these goals in terms of metrics and timeline.

Aiming to “grow revenue by 30% quarter-over-quarter for the next three years” is much clearer than “increasing sales.”

Check back tomorrow for the when and who of achieving these growth goals.