Professional Services Marketing Blueprint

It makes it so much easier … and less stressful … to generate more new business!

Your personalized 30-day action plan done for you, so that you can start transforming your service business from where it now is … to where you want it to be.

Among these benefits are Four video marketing courses, together with value-added bonuses for a combined total of 106 individual learning tools.

This service also includes two coaching calls so you can that start and finish strong, unhindered by potential stumbling blocks or obstacles. And if that’s not enough, unlimited email support so that you can stay the course, positioning yourself to enjoy the new business you want and deserve.

Laser coaching bonus bundle

If you are not familiar with Laser Coaching, it is typically a one off or a defined short number of sessions designed to “hit the spot” on a specific area of challenge. It provides a unique opportunity to work in a laser-like focused way on a specific in-the-moment problem.

By way of additional support, the Laser Coaching service will include a Do It Yourself Marketing Assessment, and two eBook-based self-study courses. 

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