Hinge Marketing is a world leader in the field of Professional Services Branding & Marketing.

Several years ago, Hinge “embarked on a research project to learn all [they] could about these industry stars … and their personal branding strategies.”

The research identified “… which marketing tools have the greatest impact on an individual’s personal brand…”

Based on that research here are the 6 best tools for branding professional services with the distinctiveness of your personal competence and expertise. 

In other words, personal branding professional services.

1. Write A Book

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Showcase your personal credibility and professional expertise!

There is no better way to position yourself as an expert in your field than by writing a book to showcase your personal credibility and professional expertise.

Having written several of my own books, as well as assisted other professionals with theirs, I know the marketing power of being a published author.

As daunting a challenge as it can be, writing a book is well worth the effort. 

The good news is that you don’t have to do it all on your own. 

There is no shortage of help online and off to support you in your journey from concept to best-seller status.

2. Speaking Engagements

Almost as good as writing a book, but much more versatile is the strategy of speaking to audiences large and small, online as well as live and in-person.

The ability to interact with an audience increases the effectiveness of personal branding professional services.

3. A Website 

For many service professionals, their websites are their virtual offices.

A good website can reinforce a professional brand as well as serve as a platform for serving and interacting with clients.

4. A Blog Platform

Ideally a feature of your website, a blog can help you continue to showcase your expertise as well as build and maintain sound relationships with your audience.

When it comes to blogging, quality is better than quantity: 2-3 blogs per week help sustain your brand awareness and market profile.

For extended personal branding professional services, share blog posts on your social media accounts.

5. Email Marketing Program 

A good email marketing program can convert website visitors and blog readers into clients.

It’s also a good way to keep in touch with satisfied clients and referral sources, stimulating more repeat and referral business.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 All things considered, even the best of intentions about personal branding professional services, little will come of it without SEO.

From experience, I know only too well that without good search engine optimization even the best web content and blog posts are unlikely to be found and read.

In order to be found and recognized as the expert you are, we all need search engines to send potentially ideal clients to our clients.

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