A strong personal brand, is the single most important element of marketing professional services.

For reasons, I neither understand or appreciate, it’s also the most ignored element. 

Ironically, one of the biggest ongoing challenges of all service-providers is distinguishing themselves from the competition.

When you personal brand professional services, you can overcome this challenge.

Lost In The Crowd

Clearly there are circumstances in which the safest approach is to blend in with the crowd.

Several years ago, I was returning home from teaching an English class in San Jose, Costa Rica. 

When I got off the bus in a really bad area of town, there was a threatening looking group gathered on the sidewalk. Putting my normal curiosity on hold, I scrunched my 6-foot frame down to blend into the crowd of Costa Ricans, whose average height was about 5′ 8”.

Being the only Caucasian in a crowd of Latinos, there was no benefit to having my white face seen above the brown-skinned crowd of departing bus passengers. 

Once well past the group on the sidewalk, my long legs and broken-field running learned as part of football training helped me win the race away from the potential problem.

Obviously, when one’s well-being is threatened it makes sense to get lost in the crown until an escape can be made.

Personal Brand Professional Services

Marketing services is not an activity that poses any realistic threat to our well-being.

Instead of being lost in the crowd, we should be wearing our personal brand.

This means walking our personal brand authentically.

That’s about acting in a manner that is aligned with your true, authentic self, which in turn, distinguishes you from the competition and become more attractive to potential clients.

When we personal brand professional services, we can distinguish ourselves from others delivering comparable services.

It’s that special combination of skills and experience that makes each us unique in a world of copies. 

This uniqueness enables you to serve and satisfy clients unlike any one else.

As important as it is to distinguish ourselves from the competition and stand out from the crowd, in and of itself, it’s not enough to attract ideal clients.

Your personal brand also helps potential clients understand how your distinctiveness helps them.

personal brand professional services jpeg

Its also what helps you personal brand professional services.

Sometimes we get so busy serving clients and looking for new business that we forget about our personal branding.

There is probably no better way to self-handicap your marketing.

Distinguishing oneself from the competition is an ongoing challenge for most professionals. 

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