Hundreds of millions of websites, blogs and social media users are competing for the time, attention and disposable income of our potential clients.

In many cases, these people offer advice, insights and observations intended to help these potential clients in one way or another.

In order to capture the attention of their audience, too many of these commentators are noisy, crazy or just plain hard to believe. Not surprisingly, many display all three characteristics.

Admiration, Attention & Respect Support A Compelling Reason

For purposes of attracting clients, a compelling reason is the exact opposite of most online content.

Such a reason generates any or all of acute admiration, attention, or respect. Individually or in combination with the others, these are powerful factors in attracting new clients.

Developing a powerful rationale for clients to choose you instead of the competition is neither creative fiction, nor is it advertising spin.

Remember that your combination of resources is unique to you. No one else possesses the exact same collection of skills, talents, know-how and experience as you do.

This means that no one else serves clients exactly the same way as you. Your distinctiveness contributes to the rationale for prospective clients choosing you.

With a sound and honest compelling reason for choosing you, potential clients will ignore the crowded field of competitors shouting for attention.

Standing out from the crowd, you can focus on attracting the new clients you want, need and deserve. All professional services marketing strategies should be this effective.

How strong is the compelling reason you offer for choosing you instead of the competition?