Marketing wisdom represents the knowledge and information that we accumulate as we go about promoting our services and trying to attract new clients.

In many cases this marketing wisdom takes the form of insights and observations that arise when things work out well and also when they don’t work out so well.

Obviously, when our actions produce satisfactory results, it’s helpful to identify what we did right in order to repeat it, or perhaps improve it, and achieve the same or better results.

On the other hand when our actions produce unacceptable results, it only make sense to learn what went wrong … to avoid re-experiencing disappointing outcomes.

Marketing Wisdom

From the perspective of marketing services, marketing wisdom represents the knowledge and information service-providers have accumulated through the process of attracting new clients and generating more new business.

This knowledge and information includes identifying those actions that made a noticeable contribution to generating more new business as well as those that did little more than waste valuable time and money.

Every marketing initiative offerss its own learning experience. In addition to its intended goal of generating more new business, marketing experience is a great teacher.

Marketing Experience

As effective as marketing experience is as a teacher, in most cases, it is a self-limiting resource.

Research suggests that the majority of self-employed service-providers work alone. From observation and experience, it’s also possible to conclude that most of these people work from home offices or isolated in workspace away from home. As a result, most self-employed service-providers have a very limited supply of personal marketing experience upon which they can develop their own marketing wisdom.

By drawing upon other service-providers’ experience in marketing their services, your marketing wisdom will not be limited by your own marketing experience.

Good things get even better when shared. What marketing insights and observations can you share?