If you don’t want to make the most of your strengths, you probably won’t want this book.

If, however, you want to leverage your strengths for better results, this eBook will help you identify those many things that you do well.

But more than that…it will also guide you through the process of applying your strengths to achieve better results in your business.

Connect Your Strengths With Authentic Marketing For Even Better Results

This book will help you identify your strengths and apply them to address weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 

Using Authentic Marketing as a model, you can conduct your own SWOT analysis to improve not only your marketing, but other essential business functions.

By undertaking this analysis yourself, not only will you save time and money, you can reduce some of the stress associated with marketing your services, as well as running your business.

More New Business

How much more new business could you generate if you were at your best most of the time instead of just some of the time?

And what about those missed opportunities that you didn’t know about … or didn’t think you could pursue?

How much will that first piece of new business from leveraging and maximizing your best stuff be worth…$100 … $200 …or more? 

Save Money

Not only will this short 7-page eBook help you make more money, it will also help you save money.

Instead of hiring a coach, consultant or mentor to help you complete your SWOT analysis, you can do it yourself.

Wouldn’t you rather pay $3.99 for this book than pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to someone else to do something you are perfectly capable of doing yourself?

Save Time

Speaking of saving, this eBook will also help you save time.

You probably have better things to do with your time than researching and qualifying an expert who can help you …or in meetings with your costly outside expert.

After a 5-minutes read, you will have a sense of what a SWOT analysis is and how you can complete your own.

Reduce Stress

Running a service business can be incredibly stressful.

The most significant non-financial benefit of this eBook is the reduction in stress you will enjoy from addressing, perhaps eliminating, those bothersome weaknesses.

In buying the eBook, all you have to lose is the stress and anxiety of ongoing problematic flaws and shortcomings.

How great will that feel?

Increased Confidence & Satisfaction

satisfaction that associated with meeting and overcoming problems or challenges.

Once you start to apply what you will learn from this book you can address those weaknesses and potential threats.  

How much more can you enjoy life and your business once you have put those issues behind you and become the amazing professional that you really are?

It’s Your Turn

Isn’t it time you were at your best most of the time?

This eBook is now available on Amazon.

It’s also available online as web content.

Insider’s secret: The content from this book is also included in The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Professional Services.

If you want the benefits of a SWOT analysis and a whole lot more value…check it out.