How are you doing with your 2021 marketing program? 

Is it doing what it’s supposed to—guiding you through those marketing activities necessary to generate new business?

Or is your marketing agenda a source of frustration—reinforcing the gap between the results you want and the results you are achieving?

Almost half way through the year, the issue of the effectiveness of a marketing program is timely. 

Just as January is marked by the excitement of new beginnings. Noble new years’ resolutions fade in the grind of the reality of day-to-day life.

This is as true of marketing as it is of such self-improvement activities as fitness or diet programs.

I recently spoke with a consultant who has a very detailed and highly organized 2021 marketing program.

Instead of enjoying the comfort of well-planned marketing program unfolding as it should, he is struggling with his failure to attract his projected volume of new clients.

Is It Time To Reset Your Marketing Program?

I suggested that the consultant free up the time to reset his overall marketing program, including his marketing calendar. 

Like many other professionals he was trying to do too much with his limited resources.

In his efforts to attract the widest possible range of clients, his marketing program included a number of strategies fit into a tightly structured time frame.

As a result, his marketing efforts were unfocused.

Given the broad range of targeted ideal clients and his equally broad variety of planned strategies to connect with these people, he had created some daunting and unreasonable expectations. 

Invariably, unreasonable expectations become unmet expectations and as such, another source of frustration and stress.

A better marketing program for this consultant would be a very tight focus on ideal clients.

This approach would target the buyer personas of those ideal clients.

To increase the likelihood of success, the ideal marketing strategies would be those that have generated the best results in the past.

Sure, there’s merit in Robert Browning’s inspirational comment “…a man’s reach should exceed his grasp …”.

But Browning was referring to striving for heaven…not better marketing results. 

For marketing purposes, a realistic marketing program with reasonable expectations better.