In the natural world, growth is normal.

Seeds exist to grow and reproduce.

Look no further than the overwhelming variety of weeds and other vegetation that quickly overwhelm untended lawns and gardens.

Animals in the wild are hardwired to grow and reproduce. 

Unregulated by predators, including human beings and the impact that we have had on the environment, many animals grow and reproduce to the point that the sheer number of them becomes seriously problematic.

Think, for example, of urban wild life such as raccoons, rats and other rodents.

Personal Growth Is A Choice

From the time of conception, growth is a choice for human beings.

Prior to our birth, our mothers made the choices about our growth. 

Following our birth, any or all of our mothers, parents, family and other caregivers made or otherwise influenced the many decisions related to our personal growth.

Typically, as human beings develop and mature, we assume increasing more responsibility for making our own choices about personal growth.

Some of us choose, either intentionally or by default, to adopt and follow the growth model of our parents and family.

Others choose to follow other growth models, while still others choose to live life on their own terms, growing and their lives however they see fit.

Unlike plants and animals, for most human beings personal growth, or lack thereof, is a personal choice, either by intention or default.

Business Growth Is A Planned Process

Unlike the growth and development of plants, business growth is not the automatic, expected norm.

Like personal growth, the decision to grow a business is an intentional and deliberate choice.

When it comes to making choices, there are two basic approaches.

One is to take things as they come, making choices as and when necessary. Many people like the flexibility of this approach.

That’s kind of like heading out on a road trip, without an itinerary or road map, making choices and decisions as and when the need arises. 

This is the ideal approach for people who like surprises.

The other approach is by making growth-related choices in accordance with a pre-determined plan.

This provides the structure for taking controllable actions how and when appropriate.

It also provides a structure for making decisions on those factors that connect be controlled.

The right choice is the one that makes the best contribution to the achievement of growth goals.

This approach is like heading out on a road trip, with both an itinerary and a road map. 

It’s the best way to reach you destination in the allotted time frame.

From the perspective of business growth, it’s also the best way to grow a business to where you want it to be.