When you see a pair of golden arches, what do you think of?

Without even seeing the name, most of us would instantly recognize those golden arches as the McDonald’s logo.

That’s branding at its best.

Branding your business and professional services can add the same impact.

Few, if any, other aspects of branding pack the visceral power of color.

When chosen and implemented effectively, color can differentiate, motivate, and elevate a business.

If you really think about color’s role in the marketplace, you will see its potential.

In people’s minds, these colors are so closely associated with their brands that they’ve become as iconic as their logos.

It’s not unreasonable to believe that under the right circumstances a flash of naked color would be enough to bring a brand to mind. That’s powerful stuff.  

For best results, here are three things you need to know about branding.

Be Consistent

Among other benefits of branding is that it allows us to send a consistent message and promoting our business and professional services.

Business and Professional Services jpeg

Consistency also gains the trust, and loyalty of clients.

One helps potential clients and referral sources understand what  

The ideal branding messages contains two elements. 

distinguishes you from the competition.

In a crowded field of clones and wannabes, it’s hard for potential clients to distinguish one professional from another.

As a professional you are unique: no one serves and satisfies clients the way you do.

Good branding allows you to leverage this distinctiveness and stand out from the crowd of noisy look-alike competitors.

And the second factor helps these same people understands how this distinctiveness benefits clients.

As important as it is to distinguish ourselves from the competition, in and of itself, it’s not enough enough to attract more ideal clients.

In addition to distinguishing ourselves from the competition, our personal and professional brands can also help potential clients understand how our distinctiveness can help them.

In other words, our brand statements also potential clients what benefits they can expect from hiring us.

Your branding image could be as uncomplicated as the combination of color, font and formatting that you use for your marketing communications, including the name of your business.

Whatever messaging and image you chose, it’s essential that all communications online and offline present the same image of your business and professional services.

When this is complete, your website, social media and offline communications will reflect and confirm your personal and also the professional brand for your business.

Don’t Be A Stranger

The most successful big brands appear everywhere, all the time.

Smaller organizations that provide business and professional services can accomplish the same result with regular website and social media platforms updates.

These updates do more than just maintain a presence in your market. 

In reinforcing your brand message, the help build and maintain the relationships that are essential to the success of your business.

Continually adding new content in any or all of text, audio and video will help potential clients and referral sources shift from seeing you as a stranger to considering you to be the truly helpful person that you are.

Walk Your Professional Services Brand Talk

Actions speak louder than words.

As a result, it’s essential to do more than just talk the good brand talk.

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Demonstrate in your actions who you are as a person and what you stand for as a service professional.

Keep it real, allow your true, authentic self to attract more of the ideal clients you want and deserve.

Consistent and strategic branding will yield a strong brand equity which is the cornerstone to attracting more ideal clients and generating more repeat and referral business.

It also positions you to charge more for your services because you deliver value that clients expect, deserve and appreciate.

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