authentic marketing

You are the core of
your Authentic Marketing.

The authentic you is all about your physical, emotional and spiritual being. It’s your DNA, your wiring and similar factors that define and distinguish you from everyone else. The middle ring represents those personal attitudes and abilities that continue to shift and evolve on our personal journeys though life.
Typically, this shifting and evolution is the result of our interactions with others and the lessons we have  learned, either consciously or indirectly. The outer ring represents the marketing-focused actions that we  take to generate more new business. Starting with services, in the upper right-hand quadrant, those are the things we do to help clients and generate revenue.

Clients are those wonderful people who are prepared to pay us for our help. Our brand is what distinguishes us from competitors who provide similar services to clients like ours. Your story is all about how you and your services help clients. Its purpose is two-fold. First, it will help strangers, including potentially ideal clients and network contacts understand how you help clients.
And second, but equally important, it will also remind contacts and clients of your help. And the final marketing-focused actions include all those many marketing strategies that we bring into play to connect with potentially ideal clients and also continue to generate more new business for your service business.

Authentic marketing classes

Authentic Marketing Classes feature short digestible chunks of information spread over 5 days.

Each class will have three elements:

  1.       Video lesson of about 6 minutes to help you learn a key concept
  2.      Downloadable summary of key points
  3.      Exercises to help you personalize key concepts for your customized application

Instead of rehashing accepted theories for marketing consumer goods, our authentic marketing classes address the unique needs of marketing your specialized personal and professional services.

As a result, you will learn how to focus your marketing on how your service actually helps clients … not the one-size-fits-all theories of self-proclaimed experts and gurus.

Core Classes

These classes will help you learn and apply the key concepts that represent the core or fundamental principles of Authentic Marketing.In and of themselves, they will help you develop your own sustainable flow of new business.This means that once you have completed all six classes, you will be well on your way to attracting more of the ideal clients you want and deserve.

Authentic Marketing Attracts More Ideal Clients

In this class, you will learn how to align your marketing with your personal values and beliefs. You will also learn how to apply the best strategies for marketing services … authentically and effectively.


Live Without Limitations

This class will help you replace restrictive behaviors and practices with more productive ways of getting things done. It will also help you make your marketing more authentic, which in turn will help you make more money and also better use of your time


Activate Your Authentic Marketing

Learn how to personalize the basic principles of authentic marketing so that you can generate that sustainable flow of new business that you want and deserve.


Personal Branding & Authentic Marketing

Regardless of your experience, this class will help you replace your marketing pain with a marketing gain.
Instead of being lost and ignored in a crowded noisy marketplace, you can distinguish yourself and stand out from the competition.
And as a result, you can attract more ideal clients for you and your services.


More Classes to Come