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Authentic marketing includes business-generating techniques that are aligned with your true self, those personal values and beliefs that define who you really are.
Conventional marketing practices and strategies advocate standardized, one-size-fits-all solutions to promotion and sales.  

As effective as these approaches may be for marketing commodities and consumer products, they are not so useful for marketing services.
That’s because like success in a service business, successfully marketing our services depends upon developing and maintaining sound relationships with our clients.

And that’s exactly what authentic marketing is all about: it helps makes the shift from advertising and selling to building and maintaining relationships in order to generate more new business.

These eCourses will help you make the shift from prospecting and chasing so-so leads to attracting more ideal clients. 
And this will position you to generate more repeat and referral business for your business.

A Short Course In Authentic Marketing

This short video course will help you embrace your individuality and make your marketing more authentic. 

As well as helping you learn from past mistakes, it will help you identify those special features that distinguish you from everyone else.

Haven’t you struggled with problematic one-size-fits all marketing long enough? Isn’t it time that your marketing reflected your true authentic self?
The course will also help your customize the best strategies for marketing services to generate more of the new business that you want and deserve.


In the class you will learn what you need to know to jumpstart your Authentic Marketing.

As a result, you will position yourself to attract more ideal clients and generate more new business by showcasing your authentic true self.
This process of positioning yourself as authentic marketer is more of an art than a science.
This means that the class is not about providing you with a one-size-fits all operations manual, filled with standardized marketing formulas that you must learn and apply as directed.
Instead, what you will learn how to personalize the basic principles of authentic marketing so that you can generate that sustainable flow of new business that you want and deserve. 

Live Without Limitations

For many people, the gravity-like pull of old habits handicaps their progress towards the life of their dreams that they want … and deserve.

If you want to free yourself of those old habits that limit your ability to market your services authentically, Live Without Limitations, a new video class, can help you.

In order to attract more ideal clients by showcasing our true and authentic selves … in other words by marketing authentically…we need enough power to escape old habits.

And that’s how Live Without Limitations can help you replace restrictive behaviors and practices with more productive ways of achieving better results…including that new business that you want and deserve.


In the simplest of explanations, a SWOT analysis is a tool used to help identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to business or project planning.

Obviously, your strengths are those elements of your business that are working really well.

A SWOT analysis will also identify weaknesses, which hopefully can be off-set or otherwise addressed by effectively applying your strengths.

Your strengths can be leveraged to optimize those exciting opportunities that come your way…and also minimize those inevitable threats.

With a thorough SWOT analysis, you are well positioned to respond effectively to those unexpected events…both positive and negative..that will surely come your way.

The Best Authentic Marketing Practices

This series of 12 video lessons, will help you learn what need to know about the 4 best strategies for marketing services.

Based upon the 15 MINUTE MARKETING series of eBooks , these strategies are:

✓  Generating Referrals: The absolute best source of new clients.

 ✓  Networking: More referrals, referral sources and other

supportive contacts.

✓  Contacting Strangers: Connect with more potentially helpful network contacts. 

✓  Keeping in touch: More repeat and referral business + your window on your market.

Attract More Ideal Clients With Authentic Marketing

Instead of prospecting for leads that might turn out to be so-so…or worse … not-so-good clients, you can attract the ideal clients for you and your services.

If you are new to marketing, the lessons will help you build a base of ideal clients, which will serve as your foundation for future success.
This base of ideal clients will continue to generate repeat and referral business for as long as you want.
If however, you have been self-employed long enough to have established a client, the course will help you build on these successes, taking your marketing to a new level.
And if you are a marketing veteran, the course will help you identify new opportunities for improvement, leading to even better results.
Includes added bonuses.

How Personal Branding Generates More New Business

Instead of allowing yourself to become lost in a crowd of noisy competitors, you can distinguish yourself with your personal brand and generate more new business.

Regardless of your marketing experience, these 12 video lessons will help you create and effectively apply your own unique personal brand, aligned with your true and authentic self.
Your personal brand will showcase your best stuff.
It will help you tell your story of how you help clients, instead of applying the same old blatant exaggerations and flagrant lies so common in too much of today’s marketing communications and advertising.
There is no better way to attract your potentially ideal clients.
Includes added bonuses.

Short Video ECourses & Classes

Ideal Clients 101 is a short, online course consisting of 3 video lessons. 
Each lesson includes appropriate workbook-type exercises to help you customize and effectively apply the concepts you will have learned.
When you finish Ideal Clients 101, you will have learned what you need to know to identify your ideal clients. You will also be able to create your own buyer, or ideal client, persona that will guide your marketing and marketing-related decisions.
Instead of wasting time, effort and money on so-so leads and potentially not-so-good clients, you can attract and start to build important, sustainable relationships with your ideal clients.  
Value: $97 
Available as bonus on purchase of Best Authentic Strategies for Marketing Services.
Also available by special order.

EBook Training

More Business for Your Service Business 

Drawing upon your experience, More Business for Your Service Business, an 8-session self-study program, will help you develop an in-depth understanding of the essential practices for marketing services.

In effect, it will help you build upon your marketing experience to get even better at what you already do well.
Price: $97
Available as bonus on purchase of Attract More Ideal Clients With Authentic Marketing.
Also available by special order.