Whatever approaches we follow to generate more new business will ideally lead to the marketing aha moment.

That moment is the point at which an ideal client says: “Aha!  That is the person I choose to help me”.

In some cases, the potential client is someone whom we don’t yet know but is prepared to do business with us. 

In other cases, it is a current or past client returning for repeat business. Whether for a new or returning client, the marketing aha moment is not blind luck.

Nor does it occur spontaneously right out of the blue.

Invariably, a marketing aha moment is the result of the coming together of careful preparation on your part and an opportunity as represented by clients’ specific needs and wants.

Three phases lead to creating a marketing aha moment.

Identifying Ideal Clients

This phase is about identifying the people you love to serve and are really good at satisfying.

What’s so unique about you that allows you to satisfy clients in a manner unlike any one else?

My ideal clients are self-employed professionals.

I love dealing with bright people, helping them attract more clients to help.  Hopefully, my diverse professional background allows me to satisfy clients in a manner unlike any one else.

Looking back over the past six months, who were some of the clients you loved to serve?

What was it about their buyer persona that helped you resonate with them and satisfy them unlike anyone else?

What’s your why in serving them?

Finding Ideal Clients

To create the right conditions for a marketing aha moment, it’s necessary for us to find our ideal clients and vice versa.

Despite the seemingly endless array of tools and techniques to connect with our target markets, there are only two basic approaches by which we and ideal clients can connect with each other.

Third part actions such as referrals, recommendations and introductions are best for generating new business leads.

The second and next best approach is though some form of direct action on our part. 

In today’s market, content marketing helps smooth the way for third party support.

It’s also the tool generates the right content for the right people, directly and indirectly offering prospective clients a compelling reason for you instead of the competition.

Minding Ideal Clients

As happy as it is to experience a marketing aha moment, it’s not the final act. 

Each marketing aha moment lays the ground work for even more such moments.

Minding clients means doing whatever it takes to satisfy them.

More than simply helping to meet clients’ needs and wants, satisfying them is about exceeding their expectations, even delivering memorable experiences.

The investment of time in satisfying clients generates an amazing ROI in the form of more referrals, recommendations, introductions and repeat business.

For an ongoing series of rewarding marketing aha moments, continuously satisfying clients the best possible approach.

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