Here are some sales tips for service-providers who dislike marketing …and probably hate the very idea of selling.

But you can relax. These are not the sales tips from obnoxious loud-mouthed used car salesmen. They come from Julian Atherley who promotes more clients, more fees and more fun!

Selling high-value projects is essential to all service-providers… Whilst sales might traditionally have been seen as the responsibility of seasoned, smooth talking grey-heads, the world is changing.

More and more, prospective clients want to deal with the service-providers who will deliver the service and not just the business-development guys

So here are 4 essentials that every service-provider should know about selling your services.

1. Know your value proposition

What problem do you solve for your clients and what value does it deliver for them. Just because you know you are good at your work — or you work for a big name — doesn’t mean that the prospective client knows or even cares. Make sure you are clear about your value proposition and say it!

2. Be likeable!

It doesn’t matter how big or professional the client or the situation is. People do business with people they like. If you appear aloof or arrogant to a prospect it’s going to be very, very much harder to do business with them.

Sure, be confident — that’s important too. But it’s a fine-line between confidence and arrogance.

3. Listen!

Don’t just turn up with your standard “model”. Worse still, don’t come with your standard power-point presentation with around 25 slides droning on about how great your service is.

Listen to the client, listen to their problems and then show how you can help.

4. Trust

If a client is going to do business with you, they have to trust you. They are investing not only money but also time, their reputation and possibly their career in you being able to solve their problem. So many service-providers (and salespeople) lose business by getting this wrong.