Despite the millions of words written about effective communication in marketing, there are three basic keys to ensure that your messaging achieves its purpose.

Effective Communication Includes…

1. Identifying The Issues That Face Your Audience

Like you and most people today, members of your audience are busy people, facing a wide range of challenges in their personal and business lives. Few if any are passing their time waiting to hear from you, regardless of what you have to say.

Take some time to learn about your audience.

What pains and potential gains keep them awake at night and distract them during waking hours?

What issues and opportunities dominate their thoughts, issues and opportunities that you could help them address, if only they knew about you and your service?

For example, my research suggests that while most professionals recognize the need for new business, few have the time and resources to generate the new business they want.

What issues and challenges face members of your target audience?

2. Identifying What It Would Take For Your Audience To Contact You

Keep in mind that in marketing professional services the most effective communication stimulates members of the audience into taking action. What action do you want your audience to take: …phone …contact you through your website…attend an event?

What does your audience need to know in order to take the action that you want them to take?

In my case, I want my target audience to read my content, both here in this blog and also on the main website.

Hopefully, by reading my content, members of the audience will feel just a little smarter about marketing and want to learn more of about how my content can help them generate more business.

What benefit will your audience enjoy from taking the action you want them to take?

3. Helping Your Audience Understand How You Can Help Them

Unlike past marketing messages, effective communication in marketing professional services today is not self-promotion, shouting “I am the best!” “Choose me!”.

Marketing our services is educational in nature.

It helps our audience understand that we know about the problems that they face. But it doesn’t stop there.

Through our marketing, we also help our audience also understand how our personal combinations of skills, experience and resources can help them address and resolve their individual issues and challenges.