Want New Business? Referrals Are Still The Best

September 06, 2017 10:00 am


Want New Business? Referrals Are Still The Best

New referrals can and do come from a variety of sources. The best new referrals come from people who know you. They are your prospecting matchmakers. They know, and can recommend you to the people whom you may not know but need to know.

How to generate more referrals ebook coverHow to Generate More Referrals is an eBook that will help you identify the main sources of new referrals. These are the people you know and who also know you. Because these people know you, they will probably be willing, if not happy, to help you. There are two ways in which they can help.

First, they know people you don’t know. And these other people might just need your help—if they knew about you and how you help people like them. Ideally, the people you know can connect you with people you don’t know. Once these connections have been made, you can start to build relationships leading to their becoming new clients.

Second, seeking new referrals from people you know will help you practice and enhance your referral-generating skills. Even if they don’t know potentially ideal clients, they can help you improve the manner in which you search for referrals.

In order to develop a sustainable flow of new business, you will need a large network of referral sources. The best approach to developing this network is to start by building upon existing relationships.

This eBook will help you identify those people who are most likely to help in your quest for more referrals. As a result, you will save time and energy while enjoying the help that you want and deserve.

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