Becoming Your Clients’ Most Trusted Advisor, Go-To Source And Thought Leader

January 24, 2018 9:05 am


Becoming Your Clients’ Most Trusted Advisor, Go-To Source And Thought Leader

I recently reconnected with the wisdom of author and marketing/business strategist Jay Abraham. If you haven’t heard of Jay Abraham, you are missing some truly valuable marketing information and resources.

My reconnection with Abraham took  the form of what he calls The Maven Matrix Manifesto.: being the most trusted advisor, go-to source and thought leader.

Certainly, that manifesto is both lofty and inspirational. But how can a busy perosn apply the work-a-day world of running a business?

A big fan of the ‘don’t tell me-show me’ approach to learning, I offer three examples from my own experience illustrate how the concepts apply in service businesses.

High Value Trusted Advice

Several years ago, my aging vehicle car needed some serious repairs. Not being a car guy, I contacted a friend who loved everything automotive. He suggested that I take the car to a local garage.

Long story short, the repairs cost less than half of what I had expected, the work was completed as promised. The the car provided several more years’ worth of reliable service. Eventually, Joe the mechanic/garage-owner suggested that the time had come to replace the car. He explained why it just didn’t make sense to put any more money into repairs.

From their incredible rehabilitation of my dysfunctional car,  Joe and his staff have become my most trusted advisors in all things automotive. No issue has been too small or absurd for their time and attention. They have consistently delivered appropriate high value, trustworthy advice and service … nothing more, nothing less.

Given my lack of interest in cars together with a healthy skepticism about the automotive industry in general, that’s quite a remarkable achievement.

A Go-To Source for Computer Solutions

Like automobiles, computers are more useful tools than sources of pleasure in my world.

When my otherwise dependable laptop started acting erratically, I needed computer help. Happily, I found Adam. After examining my laptop and doing some preliminary research, he reported on the situation.

The good news was that the problem could be solved by replacing a relatively inexpensive part. The bad news was that it would take several weeks to obtain the part.

In discussing the alternatives, Adam asked what I used the computer for and how much time I spent on it. In response to my answers, he suggested a third alternative: try out a used desk-top system until my laptop was repaired. Adam thought the desk-top system was better suited to my needs. He commented that many people who spend a lot of time working on laptops often experience neck and shoulder pain. I knew the feeling.

What a great solution … I am currently working on the same system (no more neck and shoulder pain!) several years after the return of my laptop, which now serves as my back-up and travel computer.

Over the past couple of months my system seems to have become slower and less co-operative: replacement time? When I raised the issue with Adam, he checked it out and told me that I didn’t need a new computer, unless I wanted one, which I didn’t.As an alternative, he suggested upgrading the memory.

As a result of a $25 memory upgrade, the system operates with a renewed sense of speed and efficiency.

Much like the role that Joe and play regarding our current vehicle, Adam has become my go-to source for all things computer-related. Purchases ranged from printer cartridges to accessories and mobile devices to new computers for other family members. Also like my car mechanics, Adam as my go-to computer guy delivers exactly what I need and want … nothing more, nothing less.

Thought Leadership

For a variety of reasons, the connection between nutrition and health has become increasingly interesting to me. This interest led to my connecting with Jean, a Registered Dietitian whose focus is diet and cancer prevention.

Jean of those wonderful professionals, whose advice, observations and opinions are based on solid research … not knee-jerk reactions to one issue or another. For example, when I asked her about the relationship between stress and cancer, instead of popping out a pet theory, she explained what relevant research studies and found. (It’s the inflammation factor.)

As an author and and program leader with a local cancer support agency, Jean is truly a thought leader: she is recognized as an authority in her field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded.

A Catalyst For You?

As inspirational as Abraham’s words are, they represent more than pie-in-the sky platitudes.

In their work Joe, Adam and Jean demonstrate how The Maven Matrix Manifesto works in practice. They represent the magic of being a most trusted advisor, go-to source and thought leader.

So here’s a question for you: what can you learn from Joe, Adam and/or Jean that will make you a most trusted advisor, go-to source and thought leader for your clients?

How can Jay Abraham’s inspirational words be a catalyst for new opportunities for you?

Your thoughts….

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