The True Tale Of A Terrific Outcome … & Oodles Of Other Opportunities

April 19, 2018 10:18 am


The True Tale Of A Terrific Outcome … & Oodles Of Other Opportunities

I am delighted to report that my first online course has been published … and it’s terrific.

But before you say it: my use of the t-word is not shameless self-promotion.

As much as I like the course, it was not me who called it terrific.

It was the good people at Skillshare, the platform hosting my course, who used that description.

A couple of days ago I received an email from Mary at Skillshare. After a short introduction, Mary went on to say:

… I wanted to reach out to let you know that your class has been selected for a featured slot on our Marketing browse page. We think your class is terrific – less than one percent of classes are chosen for these features…”

From my perspective, that’s terrific: my first course hitting the top 1% of Skillshare’s catalogue of more than 18,000 online courses. What a terrific outcome!

I’d like say something like, “Ah shucks, it was nothing.” But I can’t.

A Terrific Outcome + 3 Lessons Learned

Preparing the course content was a real joy. There are few things I enjoy more than designing and conducting adult education experiences. That was the easy part.

Being a technoklutz, learning to use the new technological tools served as nothing short of a daunting challenge. From my own mindset to hardware and software issues it was a glitch-filled journey. After trying three microphones, it was the fourth one that finally recorded audio. (Ironically, it was a Snowflake, which given the snowy Spring we are having, seems appropriate).

Similarly, after trying three different programs for producing video, it was the fourth (Microsoft Movie Maker) that got the job done.

I don’t even want to think about, let alone write about the challenge of shooting video in my home office. My work space is set up and works perfectly well for computer-based work. But shooting video—not so much.

What You Need To Make A Screencast

Instead of totally rearranging my office to accommodate shooting a few minutes of video, I chose to deliver the lessons through screencasts.

As is the case with all of life’s experiences, preparing my first course offered some rich learning opportunities.

Reflecting on my technological issues, I realize that for the most part they are self-created. Given my general dislike of technology, I typically pay little attention to detailed directions. It’s only when problems arise that I turn to how-to information.

When all else fails, follow the instructions, right?

Not any more: henceforth I will scrupulously read relevant instructions before using any new technological tool. One lesson learned.

The other two lessons are much more exciting than improved learning about things technological. Each lesson in its own way is terrific.

Oodles Of Other Opportunities

Future Courses

The second lesson is that I love designing and delivering online courses.

At this point I am half way through my next online course, How To Grow Your Business Without Wasting Time Networking, which will be published early next week.

And after that I will start working on another course, The 6 Best Content Strategies for Your Service Business, to be published the middle of next month.

For the rest of this year, I will prepare online courses to supplement and complement my existing ebooks.

High-Value Low-Cost Learning Opportunities

The third lesson is perhaps the biggest of the other opportunities.

In a nutshell, Skillshare represents a terrific opportunity for lifelong learners and subject matter experts alike.

For lifelong learners, there are more than 18,000 courses on a wide range of topics, including personal interest, business and marketing. In the marketing category are course on popular themes such as Social Media, Influencers and Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing (Tools + Strategies), Content Marketing and Brand Marketing.

SkillShare members can access any and all of the 18,000+ courses.

The cost of a monthly membership is about the same as 2-3 specialty drinks at your favorite coffee shop. What great value at such a low cost!

To explore Skillshare course offerings, start with the free introduction to mine. From there you can complete the course and also explore other SkillShare courses.

To access my course, click here.

To celebrate the launch of this course, I am offering free books and marketing coaching sessions. To learn more about this offer, click here.

Fast-Track Your Online Course

As a provider of either personal or professional services, you are an expert in your field.

And as an expert, you are well positioned to create your own online course, showcasing your own expertise. As the teacher of an online course, you can reassure clients that you are in fact the expert they believe you to be.

Even better, your course will attract more of the ideal clients, you need want and deserve.

Regardless of your teaching experience, as an expert you have what it takes to create your own online course. And I’d like to help fast-track your online course.

Simply send me a message that you are interested in preparing an online course; I will pass your name on to the folks at Skillshare. That’s kinda like getting you to the front of the line to talk to the right people.

Someone from Skillshare will contact you to continue the conversation; I just wanted to introduce you to a terrific marketing opportunity.

Thanks for reading this message. If you take my course, my hope is that you enjoy and benefit from it as much as I did preparing it.

And when you launch your own course, let me know … I’d like to help you with the marketing.

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