Tell Your Story In Your Marketing–But Keep It Real!

March 06, 2015 7:55 am


Tell Your Story In Your Marketing–But Keep It Real!


Your Story

Marketing communications are an ideal vehicle to to tell your story of how you help clients.

By telling your story honestly and keeping it real, you can position yourself to attract more and perhaps better  clients.

Certainly it has always been important to ensure the truth and honesty of our marketing and advertising. However, with the toxic combination of increased consumer skepticism and Internet-driven transparency, it’s more important than ever before to ensure that all elements of our marketing are authentic and believable.

The best way to ensure this authenticity is to tell your story honestly and openly. This means including two of its essential elements in all marketing communications.

Personalized Marketing Is Real

First, professional services marketing must be personal.

Large national and international business create and promote intriguing and fanciful stories as part of their marketing and advertising. Assuming these stories help increase the market awareness and acceptance of their brands, that’s good marketing.

Marketing consumer goods and services is after all about promoting relationships between these goods and services and the consumers who buy and use them. Typically the personalities and professional competence of the people behind consumer goods and services are of little interest or concern to the end users of these goods and services.

On the other hand, the personalities and competence of those of us who offer our professional services are critically important. Effectively serving and satisfying our clients depends to a large degree on maintaining workable interpersonal relationships with them.

It is our individual personality that helps increase our likeability in the minds of potential clients. By telling your story, not the stories of some else, your can showcase your personality.  Remember…if potentially ideal clients like us, they might hire us.

Make Your Story Real & Transparent

Truth has always been the most essential ingredient in marketing and advertising.

Today’s technology has raised the truth standard to unprecedented levels. Incorrect, misleading and outright deceitful behavior can quickly and easily be identified and reported. Whether by way of blog, chat room or social media post, it has never been easier to tell the world about dishonest marketing.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

Some time ago, I received a message from one of my LinkedIn connections. In this message, this individual told me about another one of my connections who was practicing some deceitful, probably illegal, business practices. My response to this message was two-fold.

First, I deleted the reportedly dishonest connection from my Linkedin account and then forwarded the reporting message to other contacts whom I thought should know about the situation.

How accurate was the report of improper behavior? From my perspective, it didn’t matter. The very suggestion of impropriety was enough for me to distance myself from the issue and the individual himself.

By all means increase the effectiveness of your marketing by telling your story. But keep it real and transparent.

Generating new business is difficult enough without shooting ourselves in the feet with incorrect, misleading and outright deceitful storytelling.

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