Expert Secret # 2: Give Your Followers Something to Believe In

November 08, 2017 9:26 am


Expert Secret # 2: Give Your Followers Something to Believe In

Having spent most of my career working on my own, I recognize and value connections with like-minded people.

These connections are even better when they become collaborative. The best is when like-minded people work together in support of a common cause.

“Most people want to cast their faith … into something bigger than themselves. It happens in religions, it happens in political movements, it happens in the workplace…

“People want to plug into something bigger than themselves, so it’s your job [as a charismatic leader or attractive character] to create that vision.”

Russell Brunsen

Expert Secrets

In response the election of President Trump, new protest organizations and movements have quickly sprung up in opposition. Self-funded and lacking formal support, they have attracted millions of followers.

Although political in nature, these new groups are effectively applying some proven marketing strategies. As such, they can serve as a model for professionals looking to build their own groups of loyal, supportive followers.

Here are three key lessons to be learned.

Stand for Something Important To Your Followers

Most of us connect emotionally with organizations whose values or causes we really care about.

Even though it’s difficult to lead with values, when supported by authenticity and dedication, like-minded people will pay attention.

This genuine commitment to definite cause (opposition to president Trump and the Republican control of government) attracted people who were upset with the outcome and who wanted to actively oppose the new administration.

A recent experience illustrates how this lesson could be applied in practice.

Jean is a registered dietitian, cancer survivor and author. She is also genuinely committed to helping others learn about nutrition and cancer…and about where the two overlap.

Certainly nutrition plays a critical role in all diseases and conditions. But Jean doesn’t go there: she is all about the connection between nutrition and cancer. With about half the population touched by cancer in one way or another, Jean has a huge number of potential followers to whom her cancer-related know and information is important.

Target The One Percenters

Research indicates the most engaged members of a community, (such as the protest groups outlined above) or a customer base represent about 1 percent of the overall total.

These are the people who are first to buy our services, offer feedback and also make referrals or recommendations.

Obviously it’s important to focus on this small, influential group in order to engage them and enhance their loyalty.

Jean made her nutrition and cancer presentation to a small group of very engaged participants. Percentage-wise, the group represented about 1% of the members of the entire membership of the organization sponsoring the event.

Connect Your Followers With Each Other

Liked-minded individuals enjoy sharing their stories and opinions with others who are passionate about the sames things.

Much of the growth of today’s protest groups arose the savvy use of social media through which engaged members can connect and interact with each other.

Jean walks the connect-your-followers talk in many ways. Her website does more than deliver helpful, reader-friendly information about nutrition and cancer. There are a number of tools by which readers and followers can interact with Jean and engage with each other: one-on-one support, group meetings and experiences and speaking engagements, like the one I attended.

Of special note is her new and free Immune Boosting Quick Start Guide. This guide offers potential followers a no cost low risk to join the community and start to enjoy membership benefits.

Like today’s protest groups triggered by the 2016 US elections, Jean, a self-employed professional, illustrates key elements of the expert secret of giving followers something to believe in.

To learn more about this secret, see Expert Secrets by Russell Brunsen.

To learn more about this book and get your free copy, paying only shipping costs, click here.

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  1. Jean

    Thank you for the mention Larry! I was pleased to host you at my Eat Your Way to Better Health…and Away from Cancer and Inflammation! I look forward to seeing you at future events!


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