My Referrals Story Had An Accidental Beginning

August 14, 2017 10:00 am


My Referrals Story Had An Accidental Beginning

My referrals story began with no direct consideration of generating more business.

I was a young and new lawyer with a small firm in a small town.  Being new to the community, I was not in a position to attract any business, let alone the kind I wanted. As a result, any new work that the other lawyers didn’t want found its way into my inbox.

One such piece of work was an innocuous looking sale of real estate by yet another client whom I didn’t know.

Don’t You Know There’s A Hotel There?

At the first meeting with my new client, it was immediately obvious why he file came to me.  To describe this man a crotchety would have been an understatement. He had a nasty response to every one of my questions.

Ultimately, in total exasperation, he shouted at me: “Don’t you know there’s a hotel there?”

The answer was a clear no.  The agreement of purchase and sale contained no reference to anything other than the legal description of the real estate,  Given the very limited information that it contained, according to the agreement, all that was being sold was the real estate itself.  No reference to buildings or business assets meant that they were not included in the transaction.

When I explained this to my client, he became angry again..this time not at me.  He became angry at the person who had prepared “the writings”.

Leveraging dire tax consequences for both seller and buyer, the agreement was replaced with a more detailed version that outlined the specific business assets being sold.  With the selling price and closing date remaining the same, everything worked out as planned.

A Referrals Story Based On Hotel Transactions

With this situation set in a small community, it didn’t take long for my referrals story to take on a life of its own.  With minimal effort on my part, I became the lawyer of choice for most owners thinking of selling their small local hotels.  Even those owners who didn’t know me, knew about the transaction that triggered my referral story.

Having heard my referrals story, a real estate agent in the area who specialized in the purchase and sale of small local businesses started referring clients of all kinds to me. Eventually, these referred clients formed the base of my law practice.

So that’s my referrals story.  What’s yours?  How did you start the flow of new referrals to your business?

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