How To Cultivate The Best Referral Sources

August 24, 2017 10:00 am


How To Cultivate The Best Referral Sources

Not surprisingly, the best referral sources are those people who know us, and even better understand the nature and value of our work.

They are your prospecting matchmakers. They know, and can recommend you to the people whom you may not know but need to know.

The Best Referral Sources

Clients and contacts will make referrals that they expect will result in successful relationships. Few people will deliberately make potentially problematic referrals, especially if the referral could jeopardize existing relationships.

Included in this group are those people you met through networking activities–suppliers, former colleagues, non-competing peers and so on.

These contacts like you and know you well enough to recognize your trustworthiness and competence. As such, they represent the ideal referral source.

More objective than your family and friends, your contacts’ recommendations are more credible. The people they know are more likely to take referrals seriously and act upon them.

Satisfied clients are the best source of referrals. They are usually happy to refer their friends and associates to you.

In choosing you to help them, they demonstrate that they like you and recognize your trustworthiness and competence. And once they have experienced how you helped make a difference in their lives, they are the best people to recommend you and refer others to you.
When you have completed the work for which you were hired, thank your clients for allowing you to serve them.

Better Referrals Form Your Best Sources

Even though the best referral sources can generate great clients, they don’t always do so.  Here are three tips to help ensure that you will get the best possible results from your best referral sources.

Educate Them

Help them understand

  1. what distinguishes you from the competition i.e. your brand
  2. the clients of clients you are best at serving and satisfying i.e your ideal clients
  3. the benefits that clients enjoy from your services

Ask Them

Do: ask only for what they they probably can deliver: recommendations, referrals and introductions.

Don’t: ask or even expect what you should be doing: sell your services of close the deal.


  • thank them for all referrals…even those that do not result in new clients
  • let them know about referrals that work out well for you and referred clients (ensure client confidentiality)
  • send thank you gifts and acknowledgements for ongoing flows of referrals

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