What Is the Real Benefit You Deliver to Clients?

March 27, 2015 7:49 am


What Is the Real Benefit You Deliver to Clients?

real benefit

Real Benefit

Sometimes we misunderstand the real benefit of our services. It’s probably because we are so enamored by our work that we are blinded by our love for it.

Lesson From A Tooth Mechanic

My former dentist consistently demonstrated this phenomenon.

Frequently, after completing a filling or other procedure, he would exclaim about what a great result. In fairness, his work could well have been of award-winning quality, earning him widespread recognition in his profession. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the real benefit that I wanted then and continue to want from my dentist.

I am not afraid of dentists. To me they are, as a dental friend once commented, “tooth mechanics”. When I go to dentist, I want whatever work takes place to be addressed as proficiently and efficiently as possible. Get the job done and done right so I can get on with my day and the dentist can get on with serving other patients. That’s the real benefit to me.

My new dentist gets it. In addition to her being the best dentist whose hands have ever been in my mouth, she does her great work in the least amount of time possible. Appointments start exactly on time and in most cases finishes less than 20 minutes later. And this service is not just about getting the work done asap. Her professionalism is among the highest I have ever experienced. The real benefit to me is delivered and gratefully accepted.

Guess which dentist I would recommend if asked for a referral?

The Real Benefit  to Clients

Dentists are not alone in believing that their clients (patients) value the same benefits that they do.

I know consultants who pride themselves on their clear and concise reports and coaches who bask in the glory of their innovative processes. I’ve also met lawyers who raved about the intellectual elegance of their solutions and financial people impressed by the precision of their presentations.

Certainly, whenever our work is exceptional it’s appropriate to take pride in it.

It does however become problematic when we project onto our clients the real benefit that we think they should value.

Try as he did, my former dentist never succeeded in convincing me that the benefits I received from his work was its technical proficiency. It was but one of several ways in which he failed to understand the real benefit that I sought from his service. It’s also why I now describe him as my former dentist.

What real benefit do your clients really want from your service?

If you don’t know, find out: ask your clients what they really like about doing business with you. Unless you are delivering the actual benefits that clients want, you risk becoming their former professional adviser.

The flow of repeat business and client-driven referrals starts and continues by  understanding the benefits that clients need, want and expect–and then ensuring these benefits are delivered.

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