MID-WEEK MARKETING TIP: Add The Power of Books to Your Marketing

May 03, 2017 10:55 am


MID-WEEK MARKETING TIP: Add The Power of Books to Your Marketing

Modern technical wizardry notwithstanding, I love books. Whether for leisure entertainment or learning new concepts and ideas, books are my medium of choice. Having made the transition from hard copy to ebooks, I am comfortable in either format. Audio books, not so much.

As a marketing consultant, I also love the power of books as a marketing tool.

My introduction to the marketing power of books occurred just after my first book was published. A major bank purchased over 100,000 copies (making it an instant bestseller) for free distribution to its small business customers. The bank’s rationale was really quite simple: if it helped its customers succeed, the customers would continue to buy bank products and services.

Strategically, this approach was intended to enhance relationships with existing customers in order to facilitate ongoing repeat and referral business.

This ‘books as marketing‘ initiative was very successful. It was in fact so successful that that bank purchased 50,000 copies of a subsequent book and hired me for a cross-country speaking tour to conduct workshops based on the second book. (That’s the cover on the right.)

My contact at the bank told me that the total cost of the book purchase and speaking tour was recovered several times over by new business generated by customers who liked the books and workshops.  That payback illustrates the kind of ROI that can be expected from investments in enhancing relationships.

Stand Out—For A Longer Time

As marketing tools, books offer two valuable benefits.

First, book content tends be more substantive and less promotional than typical blogs and online content. The best books usually deliver helpful, informative content. And they are usually better written.

Experienced writers know only too well that writing books can be much more demanding than writing blogs or social media posts.

As a result, good books usually deliver value in the short term by offering immediate help in addressing a current issues.  Their usefulness can extend over the long term as a future reference. This leads to the second benefit.

Unlike blog posts and online content, which are soon forgotten, books tend to be retained. Like most of us, you probably have some favorite books that you just can’t part with. And what about those useful and valuable books that were gifts? How positive are your thoughts about the people who gave you the books?

By adding books to your marketing communications, you can be the beneficiary of the same kind of good will you extend to people who gave you valuable and useful books

Among the joys of my speaking tour was hearing workshop participants tell me how much they enjoyed, and still used, my first book that the bank gave away. Many also praised the bank for its initiative in making these books available.

Like the bank, by helping your clients, you will enhance your relationship with them, increasing the likelihood of their generating more repeat and referral business for you.

Write Your Own Book—Or Buy Some To Give Away

As an expert in your field, you are ideally positioned to write your own book.

There is no better way to increase your professional profile and credibility than by writing a book based on your experience and knowledge. To help you along the way, there is an overload of online information to help with everything from planning and preparing your book to publishing and promoting it. Search ‘self-publish’ online and you will get millions of results, many of which are quite helpful.

One of the biggest challenges to writing a book is finding the time and self-discipline to make it happen.

Instead of getting bogged down in this issue, a better alternative would be to buy copies of books that will be helpful to your clients and contacts.

Simply find a book that you like and think would be helpful to clients and contacts. Contact the publisher directly to negotiate a bulk purchase and go from there.  Incorporate your gift book into your marketing as you would any other premium or advertising specialty. That’s the approach followed by the bank.

For an example of how this works in practice, I invite you to check out Marketing Support Resources, which outlines how others can use my new series of books for their marketing purposes. Once on that page, scroll down the section Collaboration Opportunities for the ‘bulk purchase of books’ item.

If you would like to learn more about making a bulk purchase…or even how to include books in your marketing…use the contact form to get in touch.

I’d be happy to discuss these issues further with you.

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