Your Personal Brand Positioning Statement

May 18, 2015 7:10 am


Your Personal Brand Positioning Statement

personal brandHow is your personal brand surviving the wear and tear of today’s challenging marketplace?

What’s that you say? You have been so busy trying to keep on top of things that you haven’t had time to think about your brand?

You are not alone. I share your frustration. Sometimes I get so busy doing other things that seem more important that the very thought of reviewing my brand is little more than a nice idea remaining parked near the bottom of my ever-expanding task-list.

Branding Professional Services

In case the concept of branding professional services is new to you or you have not yet gotten around to developing your personal brand, not to worry. Here is some background information to help understand the concept.

In a nutshell, professional service branding helps you succeed in your business. Reflecting your unique combination of skills and attributes, it distinguishes you from everyone else. This in turn helps you stand out from the crowd. It promises the benefits that potentially ideal clients can expect to receive once they hire you for your help.

Clearly branding is an important element of marketing our professional services. It is our personal brands that distinguish us in our niche markets and help attract more ideal clients.  Important as branding, it need not be a daunting challenge.

Personal Brand Positioning Statement

A great tool for pulling everything together is your personal brand positioning statement.

This statement is based on a combination of your understanding of the target audience and the service that you provide. In effect, the statement

  • your target market segment
  • he core concept of your service
  • how your brand is different from the competitors

Preparing your brand positioning statement can take the form of a fill-in-the-blanks exercise:

To (target segment)           _________________________

who (characteristics)         _________________________

this brand is (what it does) ________________________

that (different from)            ________________________

By way of example, here is what my brand positioning statement might look like:

To service professionals (target segment) who want new business but don’t like marketing, (characteristics), this blog offers practical, experience-based educational information (what my brand does) that helps professionals learn about marketing their services in small manageable chunks of time (different from the competitors).

Although this statement does need some wordsmithing, it does illustrate the process of preparing a brand positioning statement.

Now it’s your turn. Free up the time to develop your personal brand positioning statement. If you send a copy to me, I will offer some no-cost feedback.

If you like, you can schedule a free laser coaching session to discuss your brand positioning statement.  If you don’t have such a statement, let’s chat about developing one.

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