For Outstanding Success — Stand Out From The Crowd

July 07, 2016 8:19 am


For Outstanding Success — Stand Out From The Crowd

outstanding successIf you want outstanding success in marketing your services, you need to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

That’s the takeaway from my conversation with Rob Provenzano yesterday. Rob is a new LinkedIn connection. Whenever possible, I try to have a short conversation with new network contacts. Intrigued by his LinkedIn headline, I Connect Entrepreneurs to the Best Training and Coaching available to Turn YOUR Dreams into Reality, I was happy to chat with Rob. What’s not to love about a promise like that?

During our conversation, Rob told me about a motivational speaker’s presentation that he had organized for real estate sales people.

Cut-Off Shorts & T-Shirt

Prior to the presentation, an individual arrived dressed in ragged shorts and a T-shirts. When Rob asked this person how he could help him, the man’s response was a shock. It turned out that this person in super-casual attire was the speaker scheduled to address the audience of real estate sales people. Aware that the audience would probably be dressed to impress, Rob was concerned that the speaker’s attire might turn the audience off and jeopardize the success of the event.

When questioned about his attire, the speaker insisted that it was OK and reassured Rob that everything would work out well. With members of the audience starting to arrive, the best option was to proceed with the presentation. The alternative of canceling the event would have been more problematic than any disappointment associated with the speaker’s attire.

An Outstanding Success

Happily the event turned out to be an outstanding success.

The well dressed audience loved the super-casually dressed speaker. The back-of-room sales exceeded all expectations. Using all relevant criteria, the event was indeed an outstanding success.

What happened that an event the organizer feared would disappoint the audience turned out to be the outstanding success it was?

The attire of the speaker was less a factor in the outcome of the event than was his mindset. At some point, the speaker accepted the belief that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Instead of dressing for success, he chose to showcase his expertise by his spoken words instead of the clothes he wore. In fact, he took this approach one step further, dressing in such a way that made him stand out from his audience.

Not only did he stand out from is audience, he also stood out from other motivational speakers, most of whom have totally bought into the dress-for-success mindset.

In a nutshell, the speaker broke the dress-for-success rule and as a result stood out from the crowd. And what did he achieve by breaking this rule? Outstanding success.

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