Could Online Courses Be Good Marketing Tools for You?

September 18, 2015 7:50 am


Could Online Courses Be Good Marketing Tools for You?

From the perspective of learning new concepts, online courses can be invaluable.

I’ve lost track of the number of online courses I’ve taken. Most of them have been free.  And in most cases, whenever i have enjoyed a course, I’m more than willing to do business with the business or individual who presented the course.

Effectively prepared and presented, online courses can be powerful marketing tools.  If you are looking for a new and effective marketing tactic…check out this content from business.com about online courses.


Those who can, teach. Online classes can be effective marketing vehicles for your business, as well as potential money-makers. What you teach depends on your expertise and interests. It might be fun to teach something related to a hobby or other interest of yours, but doing so probably won’t […]

Course content can provide a way to promote your company and its services, even train employees and partners. If you’re an app developer, maybe the course is something about primary app development or sites that help a novice create basic apps. If you’re a marketing and communications professional, perhaps it’s a course on how to write an effective press release that generates new sales leads.You can always point out that you do this sort of thing for living in case someone or someone’s company needs some more experienced help…

Create Online Courses

An online course offers you and your students flexibility, lets you draw attention to your brand and, not unimportantly, allows you to make some money. We’re not talking about online, for-profit schools such as Phoenix University.

The pay there isn’t all that much better than an adjunct at a traditional school, and more importantly, you’re locked into their curriculum and delivery standards that require a certain fixed time commitment.

What you want to do is create your online course and market it to anyone with an interest in what you have to offer. Sort of like you do with your company.


What online course could enhance your marketing?

If you like, you can schedule a free laser coaching session to discuss online courses and how such a course might enhance your marketing.