Reduce the Nuisance Factor—Promote The Benefits You Deliver

May 25, 2015 7:00 am


Reduce the Nuisance Factor—Promote The Benefits You Deliver



All Internet-users know what a nuisance it is to watch a spinning loading circle while waiting for a web page to appear. Do we wait for the page to load? Or do we click to an alternative page?

On the other hand, we all know how good it feels when the page we want loads instantly. Without a doubt, fast-loading pages are recognizable benefits of websites.

Slow-loading pages are obvious examples of client inconveniences…those annoying factors clients must endure in order to enjoy the benefits of our services.

What Nuisance Factor Bugs Your Clients?

For many people, problems are a normal part of life. They simply accept whatever issues and challenges present themselves and learn to work around them. Although the best approach for things we cannot change, either accepting or ignoring issues is not always the best approach for self-employed professionals.

Like watching an ever-spinning loading wheel, clients may grow tired of dealing with whatever problems they face in trying to access your services. When this happens, they will look for an alternative to your services.

If you don’t know what bugs clients in accessing your office or your services, ask them. You can ask them in informal conversation or by means of a more structured client satisfaction survey. In either case, be ready for surprises. Factors that you thought were problems might not in fact be issues for clients.

Obviously once your clients have helped identify what bugs them about doing business with you, o whatever can be reasonably done to correct the situation.

What Benefits Do You Deliver?

When asking clients what bugs them, it’s a good idea to also ask them what they like about your services. If they have been critical, they will more than likely be happy to offer something positive to offset any seemingly negative feedback.

This positive feedback can be incorporated into your marketing communications as client testimonials.

Remember that marketing your services is all about generating more new business by attracting and satisfying clients. Testimonials from satisfied clients help increase the comfort of new clients selecting you and of past clients returning for more help. These testimonials will more than offset whatever nuisance factors clients may experience on the way to enjoying the benefits of your service.

For more information on marketing your services, see How to Successfully Market Professional Services – Your Way.

If you like, you can schedule a free laser coaching session to discuss reducing any nuisance factors that bug your clients.

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