Multi-Channel Marketing Offers More Ways To Attract More Clients

April 12, 2018 10:00 am


Multi-Channel Marketing Offers More Ways To Attract More Clients

multi-channel-marketingRegardless of the nature of your service, multi-channel marketing can deliver great value.

How many different techniques do you use to send your marketing message?

If like many service professionals you rely on networking with a token online presence, you are handicapping your marketing efforts.

It’s like playing golf with only a driver and a putter. Sure you can do it…but it works a lot better with a wide range of appropriate tools.

Multi-Channel  Marketing Channels

In the simplest of terms, multi-channel marketing uses many different marketing channels to connect with prospects and keep in touch with clients.

For service professionals, marketing channels might include personal networking, a website, social media or mobile media, newsletters and special events. The overall objective is to make it easy for prospects to learn how you can help them and for clients to remember how you have helped them.

Today’s world is rich … to the point of being overloaded and overwhelming … with communication options.

On a daily basis we receive information from in-person interactions, conventional print and electronic media, the Internet and cell phones or other mobile telecommunication devices.

Obviously by limiting your marketing communications to one or two channels, you miss the people who do not access these channels.

If for example, you limit your marketing message to in-person interactions and conventional print media, you will miss those people who live online.

Conversely, if your communications are primarily through your website or social media, you are missing those clients who still read newspapers…and also those who rely upon text messaging to exchange information.

Which Channels Are Right For You?

Recognizing the need for multi-channel marketing is one issue.

Deciding which specific channels to choose and use is an entirely different and more challenging issue.

Three factors figure into the decision.

1. Demographics

If for example, you offer financial and retirement planning, personal networking and special educational events are probably better than 120-character tweets or text messages. But maybe not…see factor three below.

2. The Competition

Second, what channels are your competitors using? Is it important that you use the same channels? Or maybe you want to distinguish yourself by using a different channel. If most of your competitors are using social media, you might want to consider mobile marketing.

3. Prospects & Clients

Last and most importantly, what channels are your prospects and clients using to get their information? If as a financial planner, your target market is single people aged 25-35, social media and text messaging represent your best choices.

Sure you can play golf using only one or two clubs. But you will play a lot better if you use a variety of clubs, each with its own specific purpose.

Similarly, you can market using only one or two channels. But you will attract a lot more clients if you use a variety of marketing channels, each with it’s own specific purpose.

The key of course is deciding which of more the 20 possible marketing channels will best connect you with prospects and clients.

An Example of How It Works

Several years ago I wrote How To Successfully Market Professional Services.  At the time, my plan was that this book was to have been the ultimate guide for marketing professional services.

As part of the pre-publication review process, I offered free draft copies–and sent over 200 out for preview.  Happily, everyone who reviewed the book likes  the content. The only negative comments were that as good as the content was, there was just too much of it.

Several readers suggested that I divide the content into smaller chunks. A writer acquaintance suggested that I repurpose the content as ebooks.

Following these suggestions, I repurposed 47,480 words of content into 20 ebooks.  One of these ebooks was How to Generate More Referrals, (4,063 words) which is now available in four digital versions.  The format is ideal for individuals who like short ebooks as learning tools.

The same referrals content is also available in my online video-based course, How to Generate More Referrals For Your Service Business  (37 minutes) people who prefer to learn from structured lessons will find this version to their liking.

Similarly, the same content also appears in the Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Services  (13,216 words) addresses referrals along with three other basic strategies. Instead of addressing a single issue, this book outlines a group of similar issues, an approach that appeals to learners who prefer learning from a contextual basis.

In effect, the same referrals content is delivered in three different vehicles:

  1. single topic  ebook;
  2. online course;and 
  3. multi-topic ebook.

Each of these vehicles will satisfy a different type of learner.

Using this example as a model for multi-channel marketing, the key is to select appropriate channels, or vehicles, that will connect with and satisfy your potentially ideal clients.

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