Want More Referrals? Here’s How To Make It Happen

May 08, 2018 10:00 am


Want More Referrals? Here’s How To Make It Happen

If you want more new business, the absolute best way to make this happen is to generate more referrals.

Here are three reasons why generating more referrals is the best strategy for attracting new business.

If You Want Referrals…Ask For Them

For the most part, people try to be helpful if they can.

Think about that for a minute.  If a newcomer to your community asks you for the name of a good doctor, dentist, lawyer or other professional, you would most likely offer a list of people whom you know and trust.  Similarly, how many times have you asked for referrals to other professionals for one reason or another?

Of the dozens, if not hundreds of times you have asked for a referral, how many times have you been given an outright no?  Probably a whole lot fewer than the many, many times your requests for referrals have had positive outcomes.

if you want more referrals, ask for them.

Otherwise, potentially helpful people may not know that you welcome referrals. Once clients and contacts understand that you welcome referrals and the kinds of new clients your prefer, they will voluntarily send new clients your way.

Asking for for referrals is about as simple a strategy as there is for sourcing new business.

Generating Referrals Is A No-Cost or Low-Cost Strategy

Unlike many marketing strategies such as advertising and promotional initiatives, it costs nothing to ask for referrals, orally or in print.  In fact, when we incorporate the concept of generating referrals into our normal communication practices, it takes virtually no additional energy to even apply this strategy.

All marketing should be as cost- and energy-efficient as generating referrals.

Referred Clients Are Pre-Qualified Leads

Because most people try to be helpful whenever they can, few individuals will knowingly make referrals that are likely to be problematic for either party.  In making referrals, third parties are implying that the individuals that they are connecting are likely to get along and work well together.

As a result, the parties to the referral are more ready and open to building a relationship than would be the case with total strangers.

Without a doubt, generating more referrals represents the ideal strategy to develop the new business we  want for the new year.

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