How to Add More Participation to Your Content

January 08, 2016 9:00 am


How to Add More Participation to Your Content

more participationIf reader participation with your content is good, more participation is better, right?

But how can we go about getting more participation?  Good question.  And here an even better answer.  It’s in Ashley Zeckman’s blog post Want to Add More Participation to Your Content? Follow These 5 Keys to Success.

The Five Keys to Adding More Participation to Your Content

Adding participation either inside or outside your organization requires five keys for success:

  1. Story Planning: Understanding the unique selling proposition for the brand and how that story will be told through content collaboration is an essential first step for participation marketing.
  2. Activate Content Participants: Define and begin connecting with potential participants inside and outside of your organization long before you ask them to co-creation content.
  3. Co-Create Content: The opportunities to collaborate are only limited by your imagination and creativity.
  4. Amplify Content: Take advantage of the fact that you’ve co-created content with participants by making it easy for them to share.
  5. Performance Optimization: All content that includes participation from other resources should be optimized for people and search engines.

Participation Marketing in Action

When first endeavoring out on a content participation initiative, it can seem overwhelming. But, once you take the first step, you realize that participation can be incorporated into your marketing at varying levels. Below are some examples of simple and large scale ways to add more participation to your content.

Influencer Activated Blog Content

TopRank Marketing’s Content Marketing Horror Stories – In the spirit of Halloween, TopRank Marketing reached out to three brand marketers and asked for their biggest content marketing horror story. In addition to sharing these stories, the team at TopRank Marketing created customized horror movie posters to align with each story.

Run Co-Created Content Contests

Intuit – Another great example is Intuit’s Small Business Big Game. Small business owners are asked to enter videos explaining why they want to win a commercial for their business during the Super Bowl. The people that submit are then invited to get lots of shares on their submission. Part of the program includes giving tasks to the businesses to answer questions about their small business. So, they are essentially micro-blogging information that can be useful to other small businesses that could use Intuit’s products. This program had thousands of entrants and millions of votes casted for the entries.