MID-WEEK MARKETING TIP: Get More New Business Without Wasting Time Marketing

July 26, 2017 8:19 am


MID-WEEK MARKETING TIP: Get More New Business Without Wasting Time Marketing

Haven’t you wasted enough time and money on marketing that doesn’t work?

I know I have.

Hardly a day goes by without another volley of pitches about the latest sure-fire marketing improvement tool or technique. In many cases, these latest advances are little more than new bells and whistles, increasing the marketing noise that assaults all of us.

Enough marketing noise already … enough!

Let’s stop wasting time, energy and money on marketing approaches that might help sell consumer goods and commodities.

Instead, let’s return to the fundamentals of attracting ideal clients for our services.  Isn’t it time to stop chasing leads that might generate so-so clients, in favor of attracting more ideal clients?

You know what makes clients ideal: you love to serve them, you’re very good at satisfying them and they happily pay for your help. What’s even better, they are loyal fans who return for repeat business … and also recommend you, referring other ideal clients to you.

As a life long learner, I value continuous growth.

Notwithstanding the importance of endless learning, ongoing growth does not depend entirely upon proactive learning. It also helps to shift the focus from learning to sharing: by helping others learn, we also continue to grow.

In order to make it easier to share some of my experiences, I have recently consolidated many lessons learned into a couple of dozen ebooks.  Among other things, I want to share are the fundamentals of attracting ideal clients for professional services.

Walking my talk, I would like you to have a free copy of my soon-to-be released book Ideal Clients Are Best for Business.

This book will help you learn what you need to know to stop chasing leads and start attracting more ideal clients.

As such, it represents a new opportunity for you to attract more of the kinds of clients you need, want and yes … even deserve.

Do you want to attract more ideal clients and generate more and better new business?  Just click here.

From there you can instantly download your FREE copy of Ideal Clients Are Best for Business.

It’s that easy … there’s no catch. Just part of building some pre-launch awareness of the book. But you’ll have to act now:  this free offer will be discontinued once the book is available for sale.

At the very least, this book will help you simplify your marketing: guaranteed!

Isn’t it time to choose only the best clients, leaving the rest for the competition?

Download the book now … your first step in attracting more and better clients.

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