More Marketing Secrets From A Reluctant Entrepreneur

October 03, 2017 10:12 am


More Marketing Secrets From A Reluctant Entrepreneur

QUICK TIP: If you are living your lifelong dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, please don’t waste your time reading this message. Certainly there are lots of other things for you to do and keep busy.

However, if like me, you are an entrepreneur by default, please read on. I’d like to help you learn from my experience in marketing professional services.

Yes, you read that right: I am an entrepreneur by default.

An Employee’s Disconnect

When I started to deliver professional services (as a lawyer), becoming an entrepreneur was not on my radar screen. I was quite happy to have some one else look after the business issues, leaving me free to serve clients. After several years, it became apparent that as an employee, I could not provide the nature and quality of services that I thought clients wanted, needed and deserved.

This disconnect led to my reinvention as a self-employed professional, aka entrepreneur by default.

Like it or not, my responsibilities now include business-related matters, including all things marketing.

My sense is that most self-employed professionals chose to go out on their own for reasons other than pursuing a life-long dream. A couple of days ago, a bright young computer specialist told me that he was going on his own because he didn’t like working for people and organizations that really don’t understand the nature or value of his work. I know the feeling … you probably do too.

Serve Clients … Or Look For New Ones?

I also know that most professionals would rather serve actual clients … than look for new ones.

Over the past several decades, I have accumulated a ton of experience in marketing professional services. More than any one person really needs or wants.

Instead of continuing to accumulate even more experience and know-how, my preference is to share some of my secrets with other self-employed professionals.

This sharing starts with seven newly updated and released small marketing books for professionals and other service providers.

Each of these books focuses on a single marketing topic; each is less than 20 letter-size pages in length. Consistent with the theme of simplicity, here are brief (50-word) descriptions of four.

Books For Beginners

If you are new to marketing these ebooks will help you learn the fundamental strategies upon which you can build your future marketing success.

Reframing the fundamentals, they will help any service-provider who is struggling to generate more new business.

Individually or collectively, these books will help you generate that flow of new business you need want and deserve …in about as much time as your daily coffee breaks!

How to Generate More Referrals


If you want more new business…and what self-employed individual doesn’t…referrals are the best strategy.

Whether you need your first new clients or more new business, this ebook will help you learn what you need to know about generating referrals for the lifetime of your business.

Developing Your Personal Network

Sooner or later we all run out of people to ask for referrals.

Whether you are introverted or extroverted, you can find networking techniques that will work for you.

This ebook is the blueprint for expanding your personal network in order to generate more referrals.

More Tips for Those With More Marketing Experience

With these ebooks, you can build on your early success.

Leverage your strengths … improve what you do well: attract more and better clients … continuously!

Ideal Clients Are Best for Business

It’s your choice which kinds of clients that you want to serve.

Why not choose to serve ideal clients?

Think of ideal clients as good clients with friend benefits.

These relationships include the joy of interacting with like-minded people who share common values and interests.

Stop Chasing Leads & Start Attracting Ideal Clients

Instead of pitching to your entire market, it’s better to attract ideal clients.

Whether you deliver services alone or with others, attracting ideal clients is the key to your success.

This ebook will help you attract the ideal clients that you you need and want.

One Small Step …

Certainly, all self-employed professionals will benefit from all these books.

Just as certainly, not all self-employed professionals need these books now.

Think of these books as alternate first steps in generating more of the new business you need, want and probably deserve.

For example, if you are new to marketing, either How to Generate More Referrals or Developing Your Personal Network will help, depending upon what you need most: referrals or a more contacts.

If you cant decide, the referrals book will get you started … and when you have your referral system set up, you can move on the networking book.

For more information and order forms for either book, click the appropriate image or book title above.

Similarly, if you have a couple of years or more experience in marketing Ideal Clients Are Best for Business or Stop Chasing Leads & Start Attracting Ideal Clients will help.

If you cant decide, the ideal clients book will get you started … and when you have refined who your ideal clients are, you can grab the other book to start attracting more of them.

Once again, for more information and order forms for either book, click the appropriate image or book title above.

Regardless of which first step you choose, it will cost less than a Starbucks espresso: $3.97.

No Catch

There is no catch to this offer.

I could have offered free ebooks to anyone any everyone who can click a “free book” button, But that technique tends to generate more ‘freebie collectors’ than serious learners.

I would much rather share my secrets with people who are motivated to learn from my experience. Think of the low price as a small commitment on your part.

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

In return for your espresso-value commitment, in addition to the book, you will also receive a satisfaction guarantee.

If after completing the book of your choice, you are not satisfied with the content, contact me by outlining your issues as a comment on this page.

Don’t worry…it’s 100% confidential. I am notified of all comments and all comments require my approval.  Once I have reviewed your comment, I will contact you. Working together, we will identify the issue and then develop the right solution to make it right.

If your issue and its resolution might be of interest to others, I will edit it, making it anonymous if you wish.  Then the comment and response will be posted so that others can learn from your  experience.

But act fast: this guarantee is limited to books purchased before midnight November 10, 2017.

What Secret Is Right For You?

Do you want the secret of generating more referrals … or refining your practice to serve only ideal clients?

Maybe you want to improve your networking … or start attracting more ideal clients instead of chasing leads.

Many people are one step away from generating the new business they need, want and deserve. Which of the secrets will help you take this one step?