MID-WEEK MARKETING TIP: Sooner Is Better Than Later

April 05, 2017 9:14 am


MID-WEEK MARKETING TIP: Sooner Is Better Than Later

Whenever possible, I prefer to compete tasks sooner rather than later. Although uncertain of of how or why I adopted this approach, there is no question that it makes a valuable contribution to simplifying my life. At the very least, procrastination-driven last minute stress tends to be a non-issue.

Taking action sooner rather than later also offers financial benefits.

I am currently in the last week of a three-month stint in Ecuador. Happily the purpose of this trip–to consolidate archived content and format it into useful ebook content—has been achieved. It is now time to head home.

When booking the return flight several months ago, the best option was to fly to Atlanta and from there to Toronto. Given my love of New Orleans and its relative proximity to Atlanta, I added a side-trip on my return flight. As a result of a family situation in Toronto, it has become necessary to cancel the New Orleans trip and head straight home. So I called Delta Airlines to make the necessary changes.

From experience, I know that the fares for flights between Atlanta and Toronto are about the same as flights between Atlanta and New Orleans. Naively, apart from some token administrative action and fee, I expected that making the necessary changes would have been a simple, straightforward process.

The change was not as simple as anticipated. By booking sooner rather than later, the fare from Quito Ecuador to New Orleans was $255. This is about the same as my original flight from Toronto to Quito.

Canceling the flight from Atlanta to New Orleans and replacing it with a flight to Toronto would have cost $755. That’s about three times the cost of the two fights originally booked.

I’m sure that this pricing system makes a great deal of sense to airline accountants. To me, it’s numerical confirmation that sooner is better than later, especially when it comes to booking flights.

Sooner Rather Than Later: Free Marketing Tools

As noted above, I am currently in Ecuador finishing some work on new ebooks. If you are one of those people who like completions, the first series is now available. Click here to check out these books. (As for my return flight, I found a stand-alone Atlanta to Toronto fare of $190…but that’s another story for another time.)

If, like me you prefer sooner to later, I’m walking the same talk regarding the books. If you act sooner rather than later, you can have the complete series, as well as two more marketing tools FREE. To grab your free books now, click here.

However, if you prefer to wait, these sames books will cost about $18.00.

Yeah I know, that’s not quite the same scale as the savings on advance bookings but I don’t run an airline: I’m only a writer.

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