MID-WEEK MARKETING TIP: Being Helpful Is Great Marketing

June 13, 2017 1:24 pm


MID-WEEK MARKETING TIP: Being Helpful Is Great Marketing

Many people, including me, believe that one of the keys to success in business is maintaining effective helpful personal relationships.

Notwithstanding the variety of machinery, electronic and other non-human elements that we use to run our businesses, the final action in any decision-making process is taken by a human being. The more effective the interpersonal relationship leading up to this final decision, the better the decision, and subsequent follow-up.

How do we go about developing effective interpersonal relationship? We help each other.

For example, as professionals we help our clients make the transition from where they are to where they want to be. More often than not, this help includes providing our clients with helpful information by way of spoken word (in person or recorded) text, images or some combination of these vehicles.

Books Being Helpful Information

As a writer, I am a big fan of text, whether presented buy way of paper or electronically. I believe that books are incredibly powerful marketing tools. An earlier post, Add The Power of Books to Your Marketing, describes how a major bank made bulk purchases of books to help their small business customers. Among the major benefits the bank received was enhancing its relationships with existing customers.

Certainly giving books away, whether purchased in bulk or one at a time, can be a powerful marketing tool, as it was for the bank. The magic relationship-enhancing ingredient is the selection and sharing of an appropriately helpful information product. Similar help, and relationship-enhancing results, can be achieved by sharing such other digital assets as audio and video.

It really doesn’t matter whether it’s a book, audio or video; what is important is the value of the help delivered. As long as the help is genuinely useful and beneficial, it can enhance existing relationships—and that’s great marketing.

On the other hand, more of the same old same old is not marketing…it’s just more information overload.

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