The Science of Generating Repeat Business

repeat business

Repeat Business

Repeat business is the reward that businesses receive and enjoy from satisfying clients.

Consistently, the best way to serve and satisfy clients is to meet their needs and wants, while exceeding their expectations. How do you satisfy clients so much that they keep coming back for more of your service?

Competencies + Quality Service = Satisfied Clients

From the perspective of marketing professional services, essential areas of competency include personal characteristics and professional know-how. These competencies define who we are and how we interact with others. They also influence how we serve and satisfy clients.

Personal characteristics such as likeability, reliability and trustworthiness allow us to maintain ongoing relationships with friends and clients alike.

key pointProfessional know-how is the sum total of our knowledge, learning, training and experience. It’s what distinguishes professionals from lay people, financial planners from yoga instructors and one marketing consultant from another.

Your combination of personal characteristics and professional know-how enables you to attract, serve and satisfy clients in your own way.

By ensuring that quality is an essential ingredient of all client service, you will continue to satisfy clients and as a result, position yourself to generate more repeat business.

Satisfied Clients = Repeat Business + Referrals

Despite everything that has been written and spoken about satisfying clients, two key factors define client-satisfying quality service.

  1. meeting clients’ needs and wants
  2. meeting … or even better exceeding … client expectations

In satisfying clients, these factors lay the ground work for a sustainable flow of repeat business. When clients are satisfied with your services, they are more than happy to return for more.

key pointSatisfied clients do more than generate repeat business, they also willingly refer new clients to you. Satisfied with how you helped them, they are more than willing to to recommend you to others who will also benefit from your help.

Repeat business and referrals…what a great reward for satisfying clients!

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