Effective Marketing Strategies for Professionals

 effective marketing strategiesThe most effective marketing strategies for professionals are about generating more new business.

There are significant differences between the strategies for marketing professional services and those commonly used by businesses that provide standard products and common services.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Standard Products and Common Services

One common marketing strategy for businesses that provide products is what might be called the prospecting model.

Like prospectors searching for elusive gold nuggets, this approach involves methodically hunting for whatever signs indicate the presence of gold. Once satisfied of potential payoff, the prospector devotes time, effort and money to finding and converting gold into a revenue-producing asset.

From a marketing perspective, this is similar to devoting resources to finding prospective customers for whatever products are offered for sale. Once these prospects have been identified, more resources are devoted to trying to convince these prospects to make a purchase.

As a consumer of professional services, I don’t want to be treated as revenue-producing asset to be found, processed and controlled.

On the other hand, as a professional, I want enjoyable and mutually beneficial relationships with clients who are more like friends than balance sheet assets.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Professionals

Instead of prospecting for leads, it’s more effective to attract ideal clients.

Attracting-Ideal-Clients-2-150x230The best way to attract ideal clients is to offer them a compelling reason for choosing you … instead of the competition.

By applying these effective marketing strategies and paradigms on these concepts you can position yourself to attract more and better clients.

As part of identifying your ideal clients, you will also identify their specific needs and wants. Once you have identified these needs and wants, you can determine how to apply your resources to satisfy these clients.

Your combination of resources is unique to you. No one else possesses the exact same collection of skills, talents, expertise and experience as you do.

This means that no one else serves clients exactly the same way as you. Your distinctiveness contributes to the compelling reason for prospective clients choosing you…instead of the competition. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that many of your ideal clients are unaware that you even exist, let alone understanding how you an help them.

Instead of promoting how good you are…or think you are…demonstrate your professional knowledge and expertise.

To Attract More and Better Clients…Educate Them

For professionalseducate-clients the most effective marketing strategies are educational in nature. These approaches help prospective clients understand how you as a service professional can help them.

Effective marketing strategies do more than simply provide information about meeting client needs. They also help prospective clients understand how your service is different…and ideally will satisfy them more than others who provide seemingly similar professional services.

In effect, your overall marketing approach is educational…helping potential clients understand and accept your compelling reason for hiring you to help them.

Educational/Marketing Communications

The educational component will help potential clients understand the benefits of the professional services that you provide.

For example, financial professionals help clients plan and maintain financial security, health care professionals help clients plan and maintain good health and so on.

The marketing component will help potential clients understand your compelling reason for choosing you to help them. However, here is where things get a little tricky.

client-benefitsInstead of defaulting to aggressive advertising and shameless self-promotion, use specific examples of how individual clients have benefited from your service.

Client testimonials are excellent tools to demonstrate and confirm your compelling reason.

Referrals and recommendations also confirm that you are a good person to choose for professional services.

There is an old marketing platitude that the business that educates the most wins the most.

While certainly relevant when marketing standard products and common services, this approach is the key factor in the effectiveness of professional services marketing strategies and paradigms.

Without effective marketing communications, you severely limit your ability to attract any clients…let alone the ideal clients whom you love to serve.

The best and most effective marketing strategies based on educating potential clients will help you attract more of the kinds of clients that you want…and deserve.

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