Business Growth for Professionals

business growth

Business Growth

For many professionals, business growth and marketing are often considered to be one and the same.

In fact, marketing is about generating new business. However, this is only one of the four elements of growing a professional services business. The other three components are:

  1. Improvement
  2. Innovation
  3. Scaling

Perhaps for the smallest and most simple of businesses, marketing and growth might in fact be the same thing. Instead of focusing on sustainable long term growth, these businesses play it small, continuing to do what they have always done in order to retain their basic customer base, adding a few more clients along the way.

Continuous Improvement Leads To Continuous Growth

Regardless of the age, nature or location of your business, there is no shortage of opportunities for improvement. From administration to marketing and operations to work processes, there is no limit to the number of factors that can be revised, updated, upgraded or otherwise made better.

key pointEach and every improvement will make its own contribution any or all of attracting more clients, serving clients better and increasing profitability. All these factors contribute to business growth.

Innovation Distinguishes You From The Competition

In a constantly shifting marketplace, the best and only way to remain competitive and attract ideal clients is to innovate wherever and whenever you can.

Whatever you did to attract ideal clients last year probably wont be good enough to attract the same kinds of clients next year. Similarly, the services that satisfied clients last time might not be as satisfying next time.

Continuing to do what you always done inevitably results in being left behind by the market. It also handicaps business growth.

Scaling Business Growth To Match Your Resources

Seldom is growth a ‘pedal to the metal, full speed ahead’ approach.

Based on careful planning, the best growth matches the growth in client volume with your ability to serve and satisfy them as well, if not better than you look after existing clients.

key pointObviously good marketing is an essential element of business growth.

The best and most effective professional services marketing is undertaken along with continuous improvement, innovation and scaled growth.

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