Marketing Wisdom

marketing wisdom

Marketing Wisdom

Marketing wisdom represents the knowledge and information that we accumulate as we go about promoting our services and trying to attract new clients.

In many cases this marketing wisdom takes the form of insights and observations that arise when things work out well and also when they don’t work out so well.

Obviously, when our actions produce satisfactory results, it’s helpful to identify what we did right in order to repeat it, or perhaps improve it, and achieve the same or better results.

On the other hand when our actions produce unacceptable results, it only make sense to learn what went wrong..to avoid re-experiencing disappointing outcomes.

Marketing Wisdom

From the perspective of marketing professional services, marketing wisdom represents the knowledge and information professionals have accumulated through the process of attracting new clients and generating more new business. This knowledge and information includes identifying those actions that made a noticeable contribution to generating more new business as well as those that did little more than waste valuable time and money.

Every marketing initiative offer its own learning experience. In addition to its intended goal of generating more new business, marketing experience is a great teacher.

Marketing Experience

As effective as marketing experience is as a teacher, in most cases, it is a self-limiting resource.

Research suggests that the majority of self-employed professionals work alone. From observation and experience, it’s also possible to conclude that most of these people work from home offices or isolated in workspace away from home. As a result, most self-employed professionals have a very limited supply of personal marketing experience upon which they can develop their own marketing wisdom.

This website has been designed and developed to overcome the self-limiting aspect of marketing experience. By drawing upon other professionals’ experience in marketing their services, the site offers content that in effect represents the best practices for marketing professional services. As a result, your marketing wisdom will not be limited by your own marketing experience.

With the content of this website, you can learn from the marketing experience of other professionals.

Good things get even better when shared. What marketing insights and observations can you share?

The Art of Attracting Ideal Clients

Ideal clients are those people we love to serve and are good at serving.

However, when professionals want new business, they tend to chase after any clients who appear willing to pay the bill.

Instead of searching for new clients, attract the best, the clients who are ideal for us.

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The Science of Generating Repeat Business

Repeat business is the reward that businesses receive and enjoy from satisfying clients.

Consistently, the best way to serve and satisfy clients is to meet their needs and wants, while exceeding their expectations. How do you satisfy clients so much that they keep coming back for more of your service?

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 Business Growth for Professionals

For many professionals, business growth and marketing are often considered to be one and the same.

In fact, marketing is about generating new business. However, this is only one of the four elements of growing a professional services business. The other three components are

  1. Improvement
  2. Innovation
  3. Scaling

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Other Aspects of Marketing Professional Services

Marketing Essentials

These essentials are critical to the marketing success of all professional services firms. Thy apply equally to self-employed individuals working on their own from home offices to , members of professional firms occupying several floors in high-rise office towers.

The key is to customize them to reflect your unique situation.

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Marketing Trends

In today’s high speed, hyper-connected world, change is happening faster than most people can manage.

There is no way to track each trend that might influence professional services marketing.

Selected trends will be discussed here. What trends interest or concern you? Let me know. Maybe I can write about it.

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Marketing Success

Achieving success is not automatic. Nor is it always easy.

Successfully marketing professional services requires the balance of four factors: overcoming challenges; your attitudes and mindset; your skills and expertise and the actions you take.

A balance of all factors is necessary; not just choosing the ones you like best.

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Essential Professional Services Marketing Knowledge

Among the many experience-based lessons learned is that mass marketing techniques seldom generate new business for professionals. Ideal for marketing commodities and consumer goods, mass marketing techniques do little to attract new clients or generate more repeat business.

This Ebook will help you learn yo know what you need to generate more new business for your professional services business.

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