Responding to Developments That Undermine Success

undermine success

Undermine Success

The most potentially harmful trends undermine success. They interfere with those things that you consistently do well and perhaps even worse, make any existing weaknesses more of a problem.

The best approach to overcoming obstacles that threaten success is the one that makes the greatest contribution to your ultimate goals.

They Won’t Go Away

As noted in the market niche content, problems are a fact of life. Like our clients, we usually want whatever problems we face to just go away.

This is especially true of those success-threatening issues and problems generated by new business and marketing trends. Unfortunately as much as we wish and hope, these perceived threats simply will not go away on their own.

Ignoring these issues is not a viable option. Left unaddressed, they fester away like untreated infections, continuing to undermine success in both the short and long term. Ignoring problems and issues seldom does more than make a bad situation worse.

Similarly, complaining or worrying about trend-generated problems and issues is also a counter-productive strategy. This approach does little more than help define us as problem-prone worriers. This is hardly consistent with the image of professionalism essential to successful professional services marketing.

key pointThe best response to trend-driven issues that might undermine success is to address them head-on. And as part of this approach, resolve them in the manner that will make the biggest contribution to achieving your goals.

Don’t Undermine Success—Work Toward It

In North America, there is a commonly-held belief that in the Chinese language, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters, one representing danger and the other, opportunity. Regardless of the truth or soundness of this belief, it does serve as a useful model for the best responses to factors that might undermine success.

Instead of seeing the potential for harm, we can choose to see the potential for good. This allows us to make the shift from “how do I respond to this danger?” to “how do I respond to this opportunity?

In effect, a development that could represent the potential for something negative can also be the catalyst for something positive.

Sure problems are a fact of life. But life is also full of choices. Invariably we can choose between negative and positive responses to perceived threats.

When faced with threats that could undermine success, it’s always best to make the choice that will help move beyond the threat and achieve desired results.

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