Developments That Offer New Opportunities

new opportunities

New Opportunities

Many trends, whether market-driven or performance-related, offer new opportunities.

These opportunities could include any or all of attracting new clients, offering new or improved services and making more efficient use of existing resources.

Even developments that seem negative could represent opportunities in disguise.

All new developments are not necessarily negative.

Better Use of Existing Resources

The best of all possible opportunities allow us to increase the effectiveness and efficiency with which we use existing resources. In some cases, these opportunities help us do more with less. These opportunities focus on organizational and operational elements, helping reduce operating expenses.

key pointFrom the perspective of marketing professional services, increased operational efficiency can also make it possible improve client service, increasing client satisfaction. Satisfied clients are an important source of repeat business and referrals, key elements of generating more new business.

Even better, increased operational efficiency might also free up the time to serve those new clients that time constraints prevented accepting.

New Opportunities to Attract & Serve More Clients

Many external or market trends offer new and exciting opportunities to attract and serve more clients.

Sometimes technological advances generate new ways of communicating with potential clients, actual clients and contacts. Other times, research offers new approaches to composing and preparing marketing messages.

Changes in demand might arise from the departure of competitors or shifting economic and social factors.

How many times have we heard the cliché expression that the only constant today is change? Optimists believe that invariably along with these changes come many new opportunities to generate more new business.

Opportunity Seduction

By their nature, entrepreneurs typically thrive on new challenges and are easily bored by performing repetitive same old tasks and familiar actions. As a result, they tend to respond more positively to new and appealing opportunities than to dealing with ongoing routine issues.

In many cases, it seems easier to chase after a new opportunity than to stay the course and continue towards the ultimate goal.

That’s the downside of new and interesting opportunities. At the very least, they can be distractions, drawing attention away from the sometime arduous or even boring task of pursuing stated goals. And at their worst they can be so appealingly seductive that we are pulled totally off course in a new direction in pursuit of a shiny new objective.

key pointThe bottom line on new opportunities? If the opportunity can make a significant contribution to the achievement of your goals, seriously consider pursuing it.

On the other hand, an opportunity leads down a new path, unrelated to the achievement of your goals, take a pass on it. In a very short time, a new and more helpful opportunity will come your way.

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