Marketing Trends

marketing trends

Marketing Trends

Marketing trends are those series of connected, inter-related events that influence and shape professional services marketing.

A single isolated event or occurrence does not constitute a trend. Nor is a series of seemingly unrelated developments necessarily a trend.

For the most part a trend happens outside of us, not usually the result of any action that we might have taken.

Marketing Trends & Developments

From the perspective of marketing professional services, the largest number of developments as well as those that have the most impact are market-generated trends.

These marketing trends can change the demand for our services. Perhaps new competitors have entered our market. Or maybe there’s a new website that offers some or all of the same services that you do.

In today’s world, every business owner knows only too well how technological advances and innovations impact how we attract and serve clients. And of course, governments of all levels and industry regulators continue to add and modify provisions that require changes in how things are done.

Regardless of the specific source or nature of market-driven trends, it is important to remember that that these developments are totally beyond or control. Seldom, if ever, can we control how they unfold and develop.

key pointWhat you can and should control is your response to whatever market-driven developments that arise and could impact your business.

Instead of a knee-jerk reaction cursing the development, hoping it will go away, it’s better to act strategically. Develop and apply the response that makes most direct contribution to the achievement of your goals.

Performance-Related Marketing Trends

Unlike developments brought about by outside factors, these developments are the result of internal actions and activities.

These developments arise from the performance of either or both people and systems. Sometimes people regularly exceed expectations, other times they consistently fail to perform as required. Similarly, sometimes systems continue to surprise and delight with unexpected effectiveness and efficiency. On the other hand, systems that once operated smoothly, can start to falter or break down.

Regardless of whether the problematic internal factor is people- or systems-related, it is totally under your control. You can and should do whatever it takes to minimize if not totally eliminate the negative impact of internally-generated trends.

Developments That Enhance Business Strength

The best marketing trends enhance business strength. They add to and build upon those things that you do well. And even better, they can also reduce the negative impact of those things that we do not do well.

These marketing trends are like a gift from the universe to help you succeed.

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Responding to Developments That Undermine Success

The most potentially harmful trends undermine success. They interfere with those things that you consistently do well and perhaps even worse, make any existing weaknesses more of a problem.

The best approach to overcoming obstacles that threaten success is the one that makes the greatest contribution to your ultimate goals.

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Developments That Offer New Opportunities

Many trends, whether market-driven or performance-related, offer new opportunities.

These opportunities could include any or all of attracting new clients, offering new or improved services and making more efficient use of existing resources.

Even developments that seem negative could represent opportunities in disguise.

All new developments are not necessarily negative.

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Developments That Create A Business Survival Risk

The most serious survival risk to your business is a reduced demand for services. If fewer clients want or need your services, your business won’t survive.

Defensive marketing is the best response to these risks. These strategies are intended to protect a client base from survival-threatening developments.


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Other Aspects of Marketing Professional Services

Marketing Essentials

These essentials are critical to the marketing success of all professional services firms. Thy apply equally to self-employed individuals working on their own from home offices to , members of professional firms occupying several floors in high-rise office towers.

The key is to customize them to reflect your unique situation.

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Marketing Wisdom

Insights and observations help us understand familiar concepts in a new and fresh way. Driven by experience, these insights and observations often help apply the same old approaches innovatively and creatively frequently achieving better results. Good things get even better when shared. What marketing insights and observations can you share?

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Marketing Success

Achieving success is not automatic. Nor is it always easy.

Successfully marketing professional services requires the balance of four factors: overcoming challenges; your attitudes and mindset; your skills and expertise and the actions you take.

A balance of all factors is necessary; not just choosing the ones you like best.

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