Overcoming Anxiety In Marketing Professional Services


overcoming anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety

Believe it or not, overcoming anxiety in marketing professional services is one of the most common obstacles to professional services marketing.

The services that we provide and the manner in which we use these services to help clients reflect who we are as individuals. This offers both good news and bad news.

The good news is that the integration helps distinguish us from the competition and serve our clients in our own unique and mutually satisfying way.

The bad news is that when potentially ideal clients decline to accept our professional services, it’s far too easy to consider their non-acceptance of our services as a rejection of us as individuals.

3 Fears of Marketing Professional Services

This fear of rejection is only one of three common fears that many professionals experience experience when marketing their services.

A second fear is the fear of upsetting other people. If you have ever struggled with the words in a marketing message, you will know this fear.

On the one hand, you want your message to be open, and honest, intended to present yourself as likeable. On the other hand, you don’t want your message to be so honest that some people will find it offensive. It is this fear of upsetting others that leads to bland and boring marketing messages that most of us ignore.

A third common fear is the fear of rocking the boat. It is this fear that keeps us from taking really creative and innovative marketing actions…because that’s not how service professionals like us market and promote ourselves. Fearing that prospective clients may not like our rocking the boat, we default to the same old marketing activities that make us virtually indistinguishable from everyone else who provides services similar to ours.

Each of these fears contributes to the anxiety that many professionals experience about marketing their services.  Effectively overcoming anxiety about marketing depends upon reducing these fears to a manageable level, if not eliminating them totally.

Fear Is Self-Transmitting

fear-is-a-liarFear is a totally insidious and counterproductive emotion. Inevitably, it prevents us from taking potentially beneficial steps. And what’s worse, fear is usually self-transmitting.

Many people believe that animals can smell fear. I believe that without even realizing it, prospective clients can also smell fear in professional service marketing. They have a funny feeling (intuition) that there is something not right about the marketing. Most of us avoid things that give us the feeling that there is something not quite right about it.

I know about these fears from my experience in marketing my own services.  Having felt all of them at different times and at various degrees of intensity, I know only too well how they can create anxiety that gets in the way of taking effective marketing actions. In fact, there are still times when one or other of these unwelcome emotions rears its ugly head and yet again I must overcome a fear in marketing professional services.

Positive Memories Help in Overcoming Anxiety

Fortunately, I have now learned a couple of approaches to overcoming fear-driven anxiety. Strange as it may sound, the fears now serve as triggers that remind me of positive outcomes from the same actions that sometimes generate fears. It’s a great technique for overcoming anxiety.

Try as I may, I cannot always prevent emotions like fear.  I can however choose how I respond to these emotions.

key pointBy re-framing fears as triggers for positive memories, it’s much easier to respond with something like “Thank you fear…thanks for reminding me that I can successfully take this action.”

Turning a fear into a more positive factor is invaluable in overcoming anxiety of all kinds.

Larry Easto

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