Hate Looking for New Clients?

new-clients1Even though all professionals need new clients, most hate looking for them.

We have all been caught in the familiar conflict between what we enjoy doing and what we think we should be doing.

In most cases, we resolve the conflict with a grudging response to ‘duty calls’ in which we do just enough of what we think we should do (such as trying to find new clients ) so that we could return to doing what we prefer to do (serve current clients).

As with so many of life’s issues, we tend to make this marketing challenge more difficult than it really needs to be. In this case, the problem stems from fears and limiting beliefs around the term marketing.

Fears and Limiting Beliefs

Thanks in large part to online marketing in its many forms, too many people, professionals included, see marketing as shameless self-promotion and aggressively pitching their services.

Even though these approaches might be the norm in other businesses and industries, they are of limited effectiveness in marketing professional services.

key pointProfessional service marketing is all about attracting more new clients.

By redefining clients to include those individuals who have yet to formally hired you, you can apply ‘show and tell marketing’ to attract the kinds of new clients you love to serve. And it’s not really all that hard.

Show & Tell Marketing Attracts New Clients

show-and-tell-marketingUse your marketing communications and social media marketing to attract new clients the same way that you help existing clients.

Instead of talking about yourself and your services, help potential clients understand how you help people like them. Draw on your experience to offer case studies that illustrate situations in which clients have benefited from your service.

You might also prepare a series of blog posts addressing challenges common to your typical clients.

key pointThe key is to redefine marketing to include attracting ideal clients by showcasing what you love to do and are really good at…serving clients.

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