Maintaining Appropriate Success Attitudes

success attitudes

Success Attitudes

Success attitudes determine the actions that we take on our individual journeys to success.

Our attitudes are defined by our thoughts.

As Henry Ford told us “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

If you think you can successfully market professional services, you are right.

Beliefs and Attitudes

For purposes of clarification, it’s worth noting that attitudes and beliefs are not the same thing.

When we believe in something, we are confident in its truth even if we cannot prove it. For example, most people believe that eating healthy foods is good for them, even though they cannot always prove it.

An attitude on the other hand, reflects how we feel about something. We all know people who feel that healthy foods are yucky.

key pointAttitudes are the link between your own personal know-how and your marketing actions.

Positive attitudes lead to positive actions, which in turn lead to positive outcomes.

Fuel for Success

Zig Ziglar, the motivation and sales guru said it best: “Motivation is the fuel necessary to keep the human engine running.”

That idea makes a great deal of sense. Think of a child learning to walk. The motivation to get something or somewhere is usually what leads to taking those first baby steps.

As adults, motivation that helps us keep going despite the challenges that continue to pop up as we work to succeed in our businesses.

Of all success attitudes, motivation–the fuel for success–is among the most essential.

Improving Success Attitudes With Personal Know-How

In addition to motivation, our know-how includes personality traits that can enhance and even change our attitudes.

Change: Today’s world is changing faster and more dramatically than at any point in history. Not only must we be willing to accept change, we must respond quickly…or risk being left behind by competition and clients alike. A receptiveness to change is essential to helping attitudes become more success-oriented.

Collaboration: In addition to our world changing quickly, it is becoming increasingly complex. Few of us can market effectively working on our own. For the best marketing results, a willingness to collaborate with others is essential.

Concern For Others/Friendship: From collaborating or working with others, we develop an increased concern for others. The more we give to clients and contacts, the more we get back from them…and we all win.

Marketing includes building sustainable relationships with potentially ideal clients. Since ideal clients are good clients with friend benefits, the best marketing includes elements of success attitudes such as friendship and friendliness.

Respect for others/Serving others: Ideally, professionals respect every one with whom they and they marketing has contact.

Like respect for others, serving others is another success attitude, reflecting what professional services are all about.

key pointIn linking our personal know-how with our actions, our success attitudes help optimize the benefits of those useful things we have learned while living our lives and running our businesses.

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